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V-Dog’s New Blueberry Wiggle Biscuits to Debut in May




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN FRANCISCO, CA — V-dog, creators of vegan dog food and treats, has recently announced a launch date of May 1st for their new organic dog treat, Blueberry Wiggle Biscuits. This will be their second Wiggle Biscuits flavor. The USA-made treats offer vegan dogs the chance to have more delicious options while providing non-vegan dogs with a healthy, grain-free alternative to their meat-based treats. 

“Our wiggle biscuits are a huge hit and we’re excited to be launching a new flavor that will be just as tasty and nutritious as our existing peanut butter flavor biscuits,” said Lindsay Rubin, Manager of Operations for v-dog.

The new vegan dog treats are grain-free with no GMO’s and packed with superfoods like coconut, kale, buckwheat and blueberries. Blueberries are an excellent source of vitamins C, K and antioxidants. They’re also a great source of dietary fiber.

The new blueberry flavor is great for peanut-free households and perfect for dogs of all sizes. With their delicious coconut-y smell and simple, allergen-free ingredients, they’ll be a huge hit among vegan and non-vegan dogs alike.

“Loaded with blueberry, nutritious grain-free buckwheat and coconut, these treats smell incredible and taste even better,” said Rubin. 

The new Wiggle Biscuits are about one inch in diameter and each bag contains 100 treats, making them perfect for reward-based training or a delicious midday snack. They can easily be broken in half for smaller dogs. Made with human-grade ingredients, these heart-shaped treats reflect the compassionate values of the v-dog brand. 


“The heart shape represents the love that we put into every one of our products, as well as the love that we have for all animals,” said Rubin. 

In addition to offering dogs health benefits such as improved skin and coat conditions and relief from food allergies, vegan diets for dogs eliminate animal suffering while drastically reducing environmental impact. 





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