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From delectable foods to feeders and toys, there’s a Catit® product for every discerning feline. Catit designs keep kitties top of mind. Whether it’s a broader fountain surface to accommodate those luxurious whiskers or a special irresistible treat, you won’t find a broader, more innovative product line created just for cats. Here are some of Catit’s newest, tastiest and just plain fun products for 2023. See them live and in person at SuperZoo Booth 4225!

PIXI® Cat Drinking Fountain

Hydration at its cutest, this fountain offers three drinking options (calm flow, steady stream or bubbling top), a three-way filter to keep water safe from debris and a submerged pump for a quieter experience. Available in white and a variety of soft pastel colors.

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Catit® Creamy™ Superfoods

The newly expanded Catit Creamy family of lickable treats offers some truly delicious new flavors, all enriched with nutritious superfoods.

Catit® Creamy™ Lickable Cat Treats

Catit Creamy has taken the world by storm. New mega packs feature every flavor in color-coded tubes.

Catit® Divine Shreds®

Four delectable recipes feature tender cuts of chicken blended with fresh vegetables in a delicious broth. What more could a kitty want?

Catit® Double-Layered Chicken Dinners

This double-layered, all-natural wet food features a top layer of extra special deliciousness. Available in six varieties.

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Catit® Vesper™ PATIO

With its sophisticated metal frames and warm wooden laminate finish, the Catit Vesper PATIO is a truly stylish cat tree that is invaluable to a cat’s comfort.

Catit® Go Natural® Wood Litter

To help preserve our environment, Catit Go Natural cat litters are based on sustainable and recycled natural resources. Go Natural wood litter is available in three varieties: Pellets, Lavender Scented and Unscented.

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PIXI® Spinner

At a cat’s touch, the Catit PIXI Spinner will start to spin, dispensing treats to reward play. The toy’s fabric cover is easy for cats to grip, and the cute cat features light up when activated, which is great for nightly play sessions. Uses 3x AAA batteries (not included).

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Catit PIXI® Smart Devices

These PIXI® Smart devices have another layer of intelligence built into them. Most Catit PIXI Smart products allow customers to interact with them remotely using the compatible Catit PIXI mobile app, controlling their features and even sharing access with a friend. Catit PIXI Smart devices are easily recognizable by their packaging with vivid blue background.
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PIXI® Smart Mouse Camera

This cute mouse-shaped device lets customers easily check in on their cats, and even talk and listen to them when they’re away. It’s equipped with a 1080p HD camera with automatic infrared night vision, built-in mic, and speaker for two-way communication, as well as motion detection, so not a moment will be missed.

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PIXI® Smart Cat Feeder

Schedule up to 12 preportioned meals per day by using the Catit PIXI app or dispense food instantly by pressing the nose on the feeder.

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PIXI® 6 Meal Feeder

Schedule up to 6 pre-portioned meals per day by using the Catit PIXI app or LCD touch control panel. Holds wet or dry food and treats and includes two ice packs to keep food fresh.

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