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Zoo Med Labs Announces the Debut of Their New ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat




(PRESS RELEASE) Zoo Med’s New ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat is an extremely versatile device. Using the digital display, you can set it to heat or cool reptile habitats (terrariums, incubators, and more!) anywhere from 50°F to 122°F. This kind of range allows you to replicate any reptile or amphibian’s natural environment. Even if your pet lives a life of luxury in a giant enclosure, have no fear! This highly adaptable device has a 6 foot long sensor cable that ensures precise readings for all habitat sizes. Plug in up to 600 watts of heating devices (e.g. Heat Bulbs, Rock Heaters, Ceramic Heat Emitters, Under Tank Heaters etc.), or up to 150 watts of cooling devices to keep your animal comfortable regardless of fluctuations in house temperatures. The new ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat is the ultimate temperature controller for your terrarium.

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