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10 of the Latest Products for Your Pets

From dog houses for tortoises to car safety for the pups.




Wipe ’Em Down

METRO PAWS introduces Metro Wipes. Available in Natural Unscented and Charcoal Peppermint, each 8-by-8-inch pet wipe contains purified water, phenoxyethanol, polyaminopropyl biguanide, polysorbate 20, benzalkonium chloride, vitamin E and aloe vera. Such detoxifying and natural ingredients are safe to use all on all areas. Each pack comes with 100 wipes. Bonus: Metro Paws does not test on animals.


Home Sweet Home

BOW WOW DOG HOUSES has modified its product to accommodate pet tortoises. The Tortoise House features a 40-inch-by-40-inch frame, plus legs that raise it off the ground and an expanded 20-inch-wide entrance with ramp. The fully loaded model also comes with front and side doors, roof and wall insulation with liner, floor insulation and heater. Scaled-down versions also are available.



Biff the Dog

Beloved children’s book character Biff the Dog has gotten his own line of products, SPIKED! by P.L.A.Y. The collection features toys, collars and beds for dogs and cats, including the Rainbow Pet Bed. Biff, known for sporting his signature plush spiked collar, delivers inspiring messages through themes like “don’t judge a dog by his collar” and “learn to celebrate differences.”


Safety First

Created to use the LATCH and car-seat tether systems, SHERPA’s FormaFrame Carrier helps keep pets safe during road trips. The crash-tested carrier has three windows for ventilation, and its ease of installation makes it perfect for travel as well as use at home. Available in extra-small and medium.


Wrap ’Em Up

Pet parents managing incontinence and marking will appreciate the new True Fit sizing of HERO PET BRANDS’ Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers and Male Wraps. The diapers now come in five sizes and the wraps in four sizes. Both feature a super-absorbent core, an Instashield leak-proof barrier and a wetness indicator. Stretchable fabric with a snug waistband makes for a comfortable, stay-put fit. Available in 12- and 30-count packages.

$9.49-23.99 (diapers) $9.49-20.99 (wraps)

Instead of the Chew

Not all dogs do well with antler chews, so BUCK BONE ORGANICS created a biscuit. Antler Biscuits contain collagen-rich powder from naturally shed elk and deer antlers, promoting healthy gut function and appetite, joint health, immune support, and resilient skin and coat. Available in 5- and 10-ounce bags.



For Hiking Pups

BAYDOG’s Saranac Back Pack allows dogs to carry their own stuff in comfort and style. The padded, ergonomically designed harness has six adjustment points to eliminate chafing and maximize saddlebag balance. The detachable bags include multiple stash pockets and a waste bag dispenser. Rear leash attachment and padded handle also help on difficult terrain. Available in black, blue and red with reflective piping and stitching, and in medium, large and extra-large.


Oxy-Fresh Breath

Pet Dental Spray from OXYFRESH promises to neutralize the organic compounds that cause bad breath in dogs and cats. Made from a blend of Oxygene and zinc, the alcohol-free formula comes in a 3-ounce spray bottle that allows for easy application to help freshen breath, prevent periodontal disease and boost overall oral health.


For First Aid Kits

Accidents happen, as anyone with a pet knows. FAUNA CARE’s First Aid Spray contains bacitracin and zinc to treat and protect skin. Its touch-free application makes it easy to care for fresh cuts, scrapes and other minor wounds, without stinging or running. Does not contain preservatives, surfactants, alcohol or fragrances. For dogs, cats, horses and any other animal.


Crazy For Coconuts

COCOCHEW has created a 100-percent natural, sustainable dog toy that doubles as a dental product. Made from fibrous coconut husk that scrubs teeth with every chew, the Classic and Junior resemble traditional rope toys, while the CocoBall in large and small prove perfect for fetch. And because the material resists salt and does not get soggy, pet parents will be sure to want it for trips to the beach.


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8 Habitats and Accessories for Small Animals

Exciting homes for the little furballs.




Small animal owners want some excitement in the aisle, so give them style options to browse. Stock high-end cages that blend into the home décor, plus cages that play with colorful designs, design-forward architecture and lighting effects. Set up a display model and fill it with related accessories like colorful habitat fillers and hides within the larger space, and point out hidden surprises like extra deep debris trays.

Care Fresh Small Pet Bedding
Healthy Pet

KEY FEATURES: Made from scratch, this ultra-absorbent fluff provides the softest, driest, most comfortable home for small pets.

SALES TIP: Add a cheerful pop of color to any small pet’s home with Tutti Frutti or Blue Paradise options., (800) 242-2287



Guinea Habitat Plus
MidWest Homes for Pets

KEY FEATURES: In just 15 pounds, this guinea pig cage offers 8 square feet of play space, plus more than a foot of ceiling space.

SALES TIP: Using special lock-in-place ramps, doors and divider panels, customers can customize the space for their pets’ needs., (800) 428-8560


3-Level Hamster Cage
Iris USA

KEY FEATURES: Hamsters get three levels of space in this compact housing unit that features a see-through front and wire sides to keep air flowing.

SALES TIP: ¡Claro! Pet parents will appreciate transparency of this colorful habitat., (800) 320-4747


Park Ave Indoor Hutch for Rabbit and Small Animals
New Age Pet

KEY FEATURES: Made with an eco-friendly and durable composite material, this habitat is nontoxic, nonabsorbent and easy to clean.

SALES TIP: A chic look in a snap — this requires no maintenance and can be assembled in minutes., (510) 887-5976



Grass Feeder Hut
Prevue Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: A grass and treat holder with ventilated slots and a wide corner entry opening that accommodates most small animals, from rabbits to rats.

SALES TIP: The unvarnished look gives a shabby chic look to this furniture that encourages playing, hiding, snoozing and nibbling., (312) 243-3624


CritterTrail LED Color Changing Habitat

KEY FEATURES: The eye-popping habitat includes a color-changing LED and five color settings: nocturnal red, pink, green, purple and yellow.

SALES TIP: Super fun and super safe, this cage features narrow wire spacing and side lock latches, with secure openings on top and in the front., (800) 529-8331


Tabby Cat Hamster Hideout
Ware Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: The Tabby Cat Hamster Hideout from is a little nook of a getaway for small animals, easy to wipe down and keep clean.

SALES TIP: A versatile piece, you can keep it inside a cage as a play place, or use it for outside the cage activities., (602) 257-8803



Living World Deluxe Habitat

KEY FEATURES: Elegantly styled with an arcing red wire top, this hybrid cage has an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base, with interior hiding spots for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

SALES TIP: Get that quality time in: This habitat features a balcony where pets and people can play around., (800) 554-2436


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Hot Sellers

PETS+ Readers Share Hot-Selling Products and Services for November

Find out what’s been selling well.




Our puzzle toys were big sellers as the temps dropped outside and mental exercise toys became a main source of exercise. We love Trixie puzzles; prices range from $15 to $30. —Johnna Devereaux, Fetch, RI, Richmond, RI

  • Nulo treats. We offered them at “Buy 1 Get 1” — $1.99 to $12.99. —Debbie Fazica, Pet X Supply & Tack, Howell, MI
  • Charming Pet Products’ Holiday Bottle Bros Dog Toys. The irresistible squeaker and bottle crackle satisfy all dogs and drive humans crazy! It’s high quality, and people just love the fun characters. —Kara Holland, Pittsboro Pet Supply, Pittsboro, NC
  • Freeze-dried has picked up a lot in the past few months. Specifically, Primal, Northwest Naturals and Smallbatch. Freeze-dried is great for using as toppers or for raw feeders on the go. —Sherry Redwine, Odyssey Pets, Dallas, TX
  • Colorado Hemp Honey. We can’t keep the sticks in stock! —Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Answers goat’s milk and Super Snouts CBD products. No promotions needed, really. —Diana Farrar, Fifi & Fido’s Pet Boutique, San Antonio, TX
  • We did a buy-more-save-more sale on all bulk chews, cat food pouches and Thanksgiving grab-and-go bundles. —Michelle Pelletier, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Grafton, WI
  • Gooby fleece sweaters are our No. 1 now. Ordered $1,500 (wholesale) in three weeks to restock. Everyone loves them, from small teacup dogs to 130-pound Great Danes. We did one promotion for two days on it, but otherwise, we sell them all day long at $14.95-$24.95. —Eric Mack, Purrfect Bark, Columbus, NC
  • Vital Essentials. We sold items from the raw bar as BOGO. —Sandy House, The Store at Paws, Hamden, CT
  • My best-selling products were Pet Releaf’s CBD oil and Edibites. It absolutely helps customers’ pets with health issues and also helps them have an overall sense of well-being. I have many repeat customers who are extremely happy with the results. —Jan A. Hopper, Living Pawsitively, Lafayette, NJ
  • Fromm’s new treats, Crunchy O’s, surprised us. Had to place a reorder order in just a couple of weeks. Three flavors that look like Cheerios and 2 calories each at less than $6. —Nancy Okun, Cats n Dogs, Port Charlotte, FL
  • Chews — bullies and tendons — from The Natural Dog Company have been doing really well all year. The bullies are thick and odor-free, and the tendons are also good sized, and both offer a lot of bang for the buck! —Shane Somerville, Paddywack, Mill Creek, WA
  • Our No. 1 product is Benebones — all of them! A big selling point for us is that the owner of Benebones comes from an area that is not too far from our stores. Customers love that — also, the fact that they are made in the USA. My customers call it their doggie crack! —Sue Hepner, Cool Dog Gear, Roslyn, PA
  • Our biggest selling item was the Jones Beef Woofers. We sell them for 99 cents each, and people buy them by the case (at a 10 percent discount). We used to give these out to sample a couple years ago, and the owners loved it. They usually ended up buying half a dozen right on the spot! —Diane Marcin, Benny’s Pet Depot, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • A new brand of bully sticks, Bark n Big. Giant, clean sticks locally sourced from Colorado, with a great price point. —Greg Gorski, Cody Pet Depot, Cody, WY
  • Our best-selling product was the Kurgo Reversible Loft Jacket for Dogs. We have had some very rainy and cold (for our region) weather. These lightweight jackets are water resistant and easy to put on. They come in several vibrant colors and are easy to display. I did a Facebook Live and used my pug as a model wearing one of the jackets. The next day, we sold more than we had all last season. —Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC

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Cat Products

Toy Drive: 8 Cat Toys to Drive Your Sales

Find the ones that will suit your kitties’ preferences.




WITH CATS’ FINICKY NATURE and different play needs, pet parents are more willing to try out a variety of toys, to find the ones that will suit their kitties’ preferences. Therefore, you’ll want to stock plenty of choices, from catnip-stuffed prey, to wands, kickers and high-tech, interactive options. We’ve selected some new releases across a range of types and price points.

Fluff & Tuff Guppy Fish

Fluff & Tuff

KEY FEATURES: Designed for dogs, but retailers and cat fans found cats loved it too; this squeaker-less stuffy has crossed over into cat territory.

SALES TIP: During the month of September, the company donates a toy to a shelter each time someone posts a pet pic with a Fluff & Tuff toy and the tag #igiveafluff., (248) 705-5601



Jackson Galaxy Hunting Instincts Kicker


KEY FEATURES: Satisfies cats’ natural instinct to kick, paired with realistic “ripping” sensations as they move in for the kill. Contains Jackson Galaxy branded organic catnip.

SALES TIP: Kicker toys are hot right now, and this is part of a new line of toys from the famed “cat whisperer.”, (877) PETMATE


Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy


KEY FEATURES: Two lasers that rotate 360 degrees around the toy’s base keep kitty busy. Perfect for multiple cat households. Quiet movements keep even the most skittish cats focused on the play.

SALES TIP: Automatically turns off after 15 minutes to preserve battery life and keep cats from being overstimulated., (866) 738-4379



Mad Cat Mewnicorn

R2P Pet

KEY FEATURES: The Mad Cat plush collection with crinckle inside includes some folklore favorites like this cheerful Mewnicorn, along with Gnome Sweet Gnome, Sassy Sasquatch and Yowlin Yeti, all in two-packs.

SALES TIP: Contains a blend of catnip and silvervine that is pesticidefree, to get the party started right., (877) 858-4321


Shimmer Glimmer Teaser Wand

Ethical Products

KEY FEATURES: Plush fish, butterfly and turtle, with shimmering accents in assorted colors, are interchangeable with the wand. The wand has a breakaway safety clip.

SALES TIP: Have fun mixing and matching the animal accessories., (800) 223-7768

$4.99 for the wand, $3.99 animals

Petlinks Sweet Tweet


KEY FEATURES: A roly-poly soft electronic sound toy that sings like a bird and has feathers to trigger cat’s hunting instinct. It’s prey that will have real songbirds singing a tune of relief.

SALES TIP: Keep some by the register for those impulse buys., (303) 623-3327



Pounce House


KEY FEATURES: Electronic feather wand inside mimics prey through random movements. Large side holes provide easy access for pouncing and batting through the openings.

SELLING TIP: Play the company’s YouTube channel in your store to show its toys in action., (800) 565-2695


Teacup Fluffs


KEY FEATURES: Teacup Fluffs for cats are cute, super squishy and stuffed with top-quality, organic, U.S.-grown catnip. Available in chipmunk, bunny and raccoon characters.

SELLING TIP: Animals so cute, you’ll feel bad letting kitty pounce on them., (802) 825-1145


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