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9 Dog and Cat Treats and Foods that Go Beyond a Tasty Bite

Functional ingredients give these products a health boost — for pets and your bottom line.




DOGS AND CATS love tasty treats and foods, but today’s customers increasingly look for those that also offer specific health benefits. These products do exactly that with high-quality ingredients and in a variety of types.

Catit Creamy Superfoods

Lickable low-calorie cat treat enriched with nutritious superfoods features fresh all-natural ingredients, high protein content and essential nutrients. In Chicken with Coconut & Kale, Lamb with Quinoa & Chia, Salmon with Quinoa & Spirulina, and Tuna with Coconut & Wakame. 0.35-ounce tubes come in packs of four and eight., (800) 353-3444


Phelps Wellness Fur Real?!
Phelps Pet Products

Treat supports dogs with sensitive skin by reducing itching and shedding and restoring coat shine. Enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from MSC-certified sustainable salmon, flaxseed, and tuna oil. No wheat, corn, soy, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Made in the U.S. 4.5 ounces.,



Boss Dog Probites With Lamb Tripe
Boss Nation Brands

Freeze-dried raw bite-size dog treat infused with 1 billion probiotics per ounce. Contains 96 percent lamb, organ and tripe, along with wholesome ingredients that promote and maintain optimal health. No wheat, soy, corn or GMO ingredients. 3 ounces.,


Proden Plaqueoff System Holistic Soft Bites for Kittens
Swedencare USA

Daily kelp-based treat with sweet potato and chicken supports a kitten’s initial development and ongoing oral health. No grain, gluten or soy. 3 ounces., (832) 622-7339


Immunity Daily Defense Functional Granola Bars

Functional ingredients cranberry, coconut oil, prebiotics, probiotics, and vitamins C and E support immune health in dogs. With oats, peanut butter and mangos for slow-baked deliciousness. Additional solution-focused formulas: Mobility, Digestion and Skin & Coat. 10 ounces.,


VFS Active Joints

High-protein diet with natural and bioavailable sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, enhanced levels of omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, fortified with antioxidants to combat oxidative stress. Plus L-carnitine. No chicken. 4.4 pounds., (209) 815-7077



Dog Breath Dental Chews

Spearmint, parsley and sea algae help to kill bacteria, break down tartar and support the oral microbiome. Vet-developed, made in the U.S. POP materials, training and online resources provided. ISO: 10% off. Also in powder form. Small and large. 4.34 and 5.36 ounces., (800) 624-6429


Special Mousse Digestion
Tiki Cat

For cats with sensitive stomachs, silky smooth mousse supports healthy digestion with the help of prebiotics and fiber from pumpkin. Complete and balanced with high moisture content, and high in protein from real chicken and easily digestible egg. 2.4 ounces., (866) 821-8562


Veggie Dailies

Vegan nutrient boost with kale, carrot and spirulina promotes healthy immune system and longevity. Oven-baked treat also helps curb grass eating and freshens breath. Made in the U.S. Certified plastic-neutral packaging. In-store sampling events, training materials and window decals. 5 ounces.,





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