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9 Natural Flea and Tick Products to Mix and Match for Your Customers

Help pet parents create layers of protection for their pets from this lineup of products.




WITH NATURAL FLEA and tick control, a layered approach works best. Here you’ll find chews, powders, wipes and sprays as well as wearable options. Create combos for your customers that keep their pets safe during high pest season and beyond.

Soundshield Ultrasonic Tick & Flea Guard by Max & Molly
Only an Ocean

Emits ultrasonic sound waves within a 3-foot radius, effectively irritating tick and flea nervous systems while remaining inaudible to humans and pets. Silicone security strap, IPX7 waterproof rating, replaceable battery after eight months, and blinking indicator light. In orange or black outer band. Available individually or by the dozen with free countertop POS stand., (843) 380-4042


Herbal Flea Powder for Pets

Thyme, lemongrass and rosemary oils, plus calcium carbonate and other ingredients repel fleas, deodorize and absorb excess skin oils. Can be used directly on dogs, cats and pet bedding, and will not interfere with other spot-on products. Gentle enough for use on puppies and kittens older than 6 weeks, after weaning. 4 ounces., (888) 628-8783



Flea + Tick Dog & Home Spray
Skout’s Honor

Eco-friendly, cruelty-free and maximum-strength spray harnesses the potency of nature’s pest-fighting ingredients to kill fleas, ticks (including their larvae and eggs) on contact, and repel mosquitoes. Fresh peppermint with a hint of cedarwood scent. 28 fluid ounces., (877) 805-0399


Skin Defense Chews
Earth Animal

Part of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Nature’s Protection 2-Step Protocol line, the immune-boosting chews for dogs are packed with vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and nutrients to repel fleas, ticks and biting insects. Made in the U.S.,


Flea and Tick Wipes
Wee Away

Premoistened with pure, natural cedarwood, lemongrass, clove and peppermint oils that create a shield against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Wipes measure 6 by 8 inches. Safe for use on dogs and cats of all ages. No pesticides or harsh chemicals. In 10, 30 and 100 count., (844) WEE-AWAY


Flea & Tick Collar

Steam-distilled natural cedarwood and peppermint oils repel fleas and ticks for up to four months, and mosquitoes for up to one. For dogs and cats 4 months or older. No artificial colors, dyes or fragrances. One size (up to 23 inches) for dogs, one size (up to 13 inches) for cats., (877) 896-7426



Airflow Tank
Insect Shield

EPA-registered permethrin built into the fabric repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and flies. Quick-dry airflow knit promotes air permeability and moisture-wicking. Includes color contrasting mesh side panels and is machine washable. XS-XL in Lake and Poppy., sales@insect,


Flea & Tick Control Spray

Controls fleas, ticks and other external parasites. Infused with hemp seed oil, enriched with essential oils and vitamin E. Relieves inflammation from insect bites; cleans and nourishes skin and coat; has antimicrobial properties. Sustainably sourced and made in U.S. from global ingredients. 8 liquid ounces., (802) 391-4461


Tick Tornado

Effortlessly removes ticks, including their mouthparts, from pets with a simple hook, twist and lift motion. Lifting ticks under the abdomen instead of squeezing reduces the risk of infection and disease transmission. Convenient double pack includes small and large tools., (844) 493-6738





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