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A Calming Vest for Dogs & Cats, Cookies from a Fellow Indie, Plus More New & Notable Products for Your Pet Store

Get to buying with our rundown of recently released products in a variety of categories.




Nice Calm Walks

The breathable mesh and gentle pressure of SLEEPYPOD’s Calming Harness wraps around a pet’s body like a reassuring hug, helping to soothe fear and anxiety during walks. The martingale design also provides control while helping to prevent escape. The harness comes in five sizes for dogs and three sizes for cats.,, (626) 421-6818



Holiday Cookies

NATURE’S ANIMAL offers grab-and-go gift boxes filled with holiday cookies. Cheddar cheesy Yuletide Christmas Crunch, Festival of Lights Bites and Snowflake Delights are available, each with peanut buttery Gingerbread Men. Made from the finest human-grade organic ingredients, sourced in the U.S.,, (914) 777-3570



Game Night!

The Dog’s Best Friend Game from WEST PAW makes the perfect holiday gift offering. Created by pet behaviorists, seasoned pet experts and game design pros, this simple game comes with 81 challenge cards that encourage connection, positive reinforcement training and fun for the whole family. Designed for adults and children 8 years and older in Bozeman, MT. Host a game event at your store to demo!,, (800) 443-5567




Functional Freeze-Dried

PURE TREATS INC. adds functional ingredients to its freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats. Made with only five simple human-grade ingredients, PureBites+ come in Skin & Coat and Gut & Digestion for cats and in Skin & Coat, Hip & Joint and Gut & Digestion for dogs. Made in the U.S. using a delicate freeze-drying process that preserves fresh raw whole foods and functional ingredients, these treats do not contain artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.,


Aroma-Paws-photo honey stick

Healing Honey

Manuka Honey Skin Soothing Treatment from AROMA PAWS combines the healing properties of Manuka Honey with organic coconut oil, avocado oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil and argan oil in a convenient roll-on applicator. Certified at UMF 10+ and MGO 263+, the premium-grade honey provides exceptional skin-nourishing benefits, aiding in the healing of skin irritations. Free from artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. 2 ounces., (888) 276-6290


Lucky Retailers!

PETS+ America’s Coolest winner Lucky Dog Pet Grocery & Bakery in Lawrence, KS, has made its adorable and delicious cookies available wholesale to fellow indie retailers. Owner Jennifer Thomas and her team have set up LUCKY BISCUIT PET BAKERY in a building separate from the store, giving them plenty of room to bake and meet the needs of retailers seeking unique designs that arrive intact and ready to sell at a healthy profit — and, of course, delight pets and their people. Among the fun and whimsical designs are winter holiday cookies featuring scarf-wearing foxes and bunnies; “I Survived a Nail Trim” and rubber duckies perfect for grooming salons; breakfast items such as lattes and iced cinnamon buns; and fish-shaped treats just for cats., (785) 218-1037



Aims to Soothe

With its new Mobility Collar, ALZOO aims to naturally soothe joint discomfort in dogs using wintergreen and Moroccan rosemary oils. The essential oils, incorporated into the collar’s polymer matrix, release progressively over 30 days and diffuse over the whole body. The company reports its product reduces stiffness and improves mobility, with first improvements visible after only three days., (954) 217-6227, ext 105


Project-Hive spread

3 Simple Ingredients

PROJECT HIVE’s Peanut Butter Spreadable Dog Treat has a short ingredient list: protein-rich peanuts; sustainably sourced organic Palm Done Right Oil; and sweet organic honey, of course. The company continues to donate a percentage of all sales to non-profit partners in the U.S. and Canada that plant wildflowers to restore healthy habitats for the vital bee population. This new spreadable treat pairs with Project Hive’s lick mats and chew toys. 6 ounces.,



So Stylish

Form meets function in the PUPPINGTON Dog Walking Bag. This stylish belt/crossbody bag comes in Latte Beige, Navy Blue, Blush Pink, Onyx Black and Charcoal Gray, with multiple zippered pockets that keep pet and people essentials organized and easily accessible. It also has a poop-bag dispenser so discreet that when not in use, the bag looks like an accessory suitable for the office or any outing without a pup in tow. The durable, water-resistant material allows for easy cleaning., (646) 600-8319



Dual-Purpose Recipes

NORTHWEST NATURALS introduces raw frozen Protein Boost, a complete and balanced diet for cats that also serves as a protein boost topper for dogs. It contains 98% animal protein and 2% natural supplements, and comes in Beef & Trout, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Trout, Turkey and Whitefish. 2 pounds.,



Healthy Smiles

SKOUT’S HONOR enters the oral care for pets category with four “brushless” products that break down and prevent plaque and tartar while freshening breath. The Oral Care Water Additives go into a pet’s water bowl daily and come in Peanut Butter & Bacon and Fresh & Flavorless. The Oral Gel, in Peanut Butter & Bacon, easily coats teeth and gums. Advanced Dental Drops target specific areas, come in a spray-free pump and have no flavor or odor. And Pet Dental Wipes also have no flavor or odor, and are made from plant-based, biodegradable fibers.,


Too Many Fish in the Lake

With The Only Freeze Dried Silver Carp Dogs Need, NATURAL RAPPORT works to reduce the amount of invasive silver carp threatening the Great Lakes. The company partners with Illinois fisherman to source the fish, then freeze dry them at peak nutrition before pairing with pumpkin, flaxseed and cold-pressed coconut oil. Flyers with the sustainability story are available, and a QR code on the bag’s back provides sustainability-minded customers with more information about sourcing. 1 and 3.5 ounces.,



Let’s Pawty!

METRO PAWS presents Pawty Box. Available in Big Dog and Lil Dog options, inside each box are three pet-safe Metro or Mini Metro Pawty Balls, three thick and durable Metro Wipes, four ULTRA degradable Sprinkles Poopy Packs, a festive paper Pawty Hat, and an easy-to-clean Pawty Bandana. The ribbon print makes it perfect for any gifting occasion, as does the label for recipient’s name and cute card inside.,



Just Add Water

Because even your customers who excel at meal prep can forget to defrost, the Freeze-Dried Raw Goat’s Milk varieties from SHEPHERD BOY FARMS do not require freezing. They simply store in the pantry until needed. Pet parents add water, shake and serve, refrigerating after. The whole-food supplement made with pure milk from pasture-fed goats also comes in varieties with organic fruits and vegetables. For dogs and cats and in Classic, Golden Blend, Super Greens Blend and Super Fruit Blend. 2 and 4 ounces make 16 and 32 ounces., (317) 448-6660


Noochies-dog snack

No Meat!

NOOCHIES! CULTIVATED PET FOOD takes koji, an ancient cultured protein with an irresistible flavor, and mixes it with a high-protein blend of nutritional yeasts, then freeze-dries the combination to lock in nutrition, taste and aroma. Noochies! Freeze Dried Dog Snacks are hypoallergenic, totally sustainable, packed with essential B vitamins, and high in fiber — all without factory farmed meats. Entirely sourced and made in the U.S. In 3-ounce resealable and recycled packages. The company provides consumer samples and brochures with orders, training and in-store demos in California, plus a free fill-first shipment of six units., (415) 949-9385


Earthbath-facial foam

No Bath Needed

Pets and their people will appreciate the no-rinse feature of EARTHBATH’s new Foaming Facial Wash. It applies with a gentle massage, then easily wipes off. Made from bilberry and blueberry seed oils, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and have strong antioxidant and soothing properties, the foam also uses coconut-based cleansers, vitamin E and organic aloe vera. Hypoallergenic and tear free, it proves perfect for dogs and cats with skin sensitivities, allergies, tear stains and facial folds. Made in the U.S. with plant-based, vegan, non-GMO ingredients; free from parabens, sulfates, gluten. 8 ounces.,



Hold This

ROVER has expanded beyond pet care into products. In the new line: the Gear Bag Buddy Hands-Free Poo Carrier, a simple device that loops around any leash handle or utility ring and holds two full bags.,



Now in Pâté

FROMM FAMILY FOODS developed Gold Cat Pâté recipes to complement its Gold Cat Kibble — in both flavor and nutrition. The collection features Kitten Chicken & Duck Pâté; Adult Chicken, Duck, & Salmon Pâté; Healthy Weight Chicken & Duck Pâté; and Indoor Cat Chicken & Salmon Pâté. To support such new products, the family business frequently sends out informational and POP materials, engages in creative digital and social media campaigns, and periodically provides coupon offers to customers. Sales, customer service and nutritionist staff also are available to answer questions and provide training to retailers. 5.5 ounces. In singles and cases of 12., (800) 365-6331


sprankles freeze dried_treats

Sprankles, Please

Another single-ingredient product for both dogs and cats your customers will love: Sprankles. The freeze-dried raw treats are all-natural, free of grain and gluten, and sourced and made in the U.S. In Duck Hearts, Chicken Breast, Chicken Hearts, Beef Liver and Lamb Liver varieties., (347) 746-8063



Gentle for Puppies

Because puppies are known to make a mess of themselves, SWEDENCARE introduces Lyxvara Puppy Tearless Shampoo. The cleansing and conditioning formula, which contains aloe vera and gentle proteins, leaves a coat soft, shiny and healthy. It proves mild enough for use on an animal’s face and on puppies and kittens older than 4 weeks.



Lawn Care

THERAPETIXX introduces Greener Lawn Saver Plus. These soft chews use cranberry, brewer’s yeast, yucca, acacia, an enzyme blend, and ProbioSEB to balance urine PH and promote a healthy bladder and digestive tract. Developed in the U.S. and made in Oregon by top holistic veterinary urologists. 60 chews.,




Chew on This

Nothin’ to Hide Dental Chews from FIELDCREST FARMS help to support dental health on multiple fronts. Made from sustainably sourced cassava with added protein from collagen, the texture and hexametaphosphate help tackle plaque and tartar, while beef basting on the bone and wave shapes encourage dogs to chew, massaging their teeth and gums. Gluten-free. In bag and bulk options., (800) 223-7768



Not Ugly At All

With HUXLEY & KENT’s Ugly Sweater holiday hat and accessory collection, pets can spread a little holiday cheer, too. The Ugly Sweater Antler Hat features SnugFit technology: two sets of stretchy elastic bands for comfort and stability, as well as a sliding toggle that allows for the perfect fit. The collection also includes the Ugly Sweater Scarf, Ugly Sweater Bow Tie and Ugly Sweater Pinwheel. Pets who prefer Christmas Trees as their holiday style inspiration can choose from the Christmas Trees Bow Tie and Christmas Trees Pinwheel. All come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of dogs and cats.,




P.L.A.Y. Media Spotlight

At P.L.A.Y. — Pet Lifestyle & You — toy design is definitely a team effort! Watch PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita and P.L.A.Y.’s Director of Sales Lisa Hisamune as they talk about the toy design process, the fine-tuning that makes each toy so special and why every P.L.A.Y. collection is made with independent retailers top of mind.

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