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A Pup Above Partners with ADMC

Partnership boosts distribution in the central corridor of the U.S.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX – A Pup Above, one of the fastest-growing gently cooked foods in the market, continues its explosive growth across the pet specialty channel with its new partnership with American Distribution Manufacturing Company (ADMC). A Pup Above’s new gently cooked line with bone broth will be available through ADMC on Aug. 1, 2022.

“Gently Cooked is a category we have seen take off in independent pet, and we are thrilled to partner with A Pup Above as one of ADMC’s first brands in this growing category” says Travis Nelssen Regional Sales Manager for ADMC.

“We are delighted to partner with ADMC to continue to fuel A Pup Above’s continued growth and expand the gently cooked category as a whole to retailers nationwide. We look forward to better serving the central corridor of the United States with ADMC,” says A Pup Above Co-Founder and President Javier Marriott.

In the spring of 2022, A Pup Above revamped its gently cooked recipes to include bone broth. “With the addition of nutritious bone broth to our gently cooked recipes, we are seeing increased excitement and growth. Bone broth is an amazing superfood, packed with collagen and amino acids to nourish your pups. By adding bone broth to our recipes, it makes it much easier for pet parents to incorporate bone broth into our dogs’ diets on a daily basis,” says Javier.

In 2022, A Pup Above has expanded to over 1,200 new pet stores across the country, including major chains Hollywood Feed, Healthy Spot, Mud Bay, Pet Supplies Plus, Treats Unleashed, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Woof Gang Bakery and Tomlinson’s, among others. By the end of 2022, A Pup Above expects to be in 1,500 stores across the United States.

About A Pup Above

A Pup Above was founded by pet parents Ruth and Javier Marriott and their pup, Lola Marie Marriott. Ruth and Javier were tired of not knowing what was in Lola’s bowl, and Lola was tired of not liking anything they put in her bowl! Together, they created A Pup Above, a food that’s delicious, nutritious and fully transparent, from farm to bowl. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, A Pup Above specializes in its unique sous-vide cooking method, which gives the food more flavor, more nutrients, more healthy protein and higher moisture. A Pup Above can be found nationwide at independent pet retailers.

About ADMC

American Distribution and Manufacturing Company began in 1936 under the name of Newport Feed. ADMC has been fortunate enough to be family-owned and operated for four generations with more than 85 years of experience servicing vendor and retail partners in a variety of channels. With ten locations and delivering in eighteen states, ADMC is able to deliver to the entire central corridor of the United States, all with exceptional service and knowledge of the industry. Visit here for more information on its distribution.



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