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American Pet Professionals Debuts New Podcast

It debuted on three platforms, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.




(PRESS RELEASE) BABYLON, NY — In March 2022, the Live Video Show, Digging Into the Pet Industry debuted on three platforms, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook featuring members of American Pet Professionals being showcased, and interviewed sharing their stories of how they got into and now are working in the pet industry. Created and hosted by Nancy Hassel, president, and founder of American Pet Professionals, the show has nearly 20 episodes that have already aired and more on the way, Nancy decided to also turn the show into a podcast that just launched this November.

The difference between the live video show and the podcast is that the podcast also features solo episodes from Hassel, who is spilling the tea on things that work for pet businesses! Including marketing ideas, tools of the trade, inside secrets of the industry, and inspiration and motivation that can help pet business owners from all areas of the pet industry.

“Years ago, a fellow member asked me if I was going to start a podcast after I asked what their favorite business podcast was to listen to. My response to that question was ‘heck no!’ Only because the incredible amount of work that goes into producing a show,” Hassel said. “But fast forward to January 2022 and finally getting access to be able to host video shows on LinkedIn live, I knew I wanted to continue the live video series that we hosted in past years on Instagram, Facebook and way back when on Periscope. LinkedIn is so much more professional and a large part of our pet professional community is already on the platform, it was a no-brainer to launch a live video show there.”

With the live video show airing three times a month, Nancy decided to also turn the show into a podcast with solo episodes in between the guest episodes that will only air on the podcast.

“I really liked the audio capacity when I was on Clubhouse, (during the height of the pandemic), and had always thought of hosting a podcast – however the timing was not right – and I did not have the incredible producer I have now working on both aspects of the show, who I am so grateful to be working with. So waiting until recently was actually perfect timing to launch the podcast portion of the show,” Nancy said. “And we worked for 6 months getting the podcast version of the show ready.”

Now if you miss a live video show, or want to learn more via the solo podcast episodes you can listen in while you’re driving to work, doing errands or walking your dog. With 20+ years in the industry, Nancy is very excited to connect with pet professionals already established and those that are up and coming into the industry via Digging Into the Pet Industry, via video and now on the podcast.


“And we have already received many 5-star ratings for the show – which is just incredible!” Hassel went on to say.

During the solo episodes of the podcast, you can learn new information and also be privy to downloadable workbooks, guides and more – that you will only find by listening to the podcast.

Digging Into the Pet Industry the Live Video show airs on:


Digging Into the Pet Industry the Podcast can be found on many podcast platforms:

Debuting very soon on iTunes and Google.


To learn more about American Pet Professionals or to join the organization, go to

For press inquiries or for any Media that would like to attend this event contact Nancy Hassel at or call (631) 446-1105.

About American Pet Professionals

American Pet Professionals, (APP), is a multiple award-winning National Business Networking, Educational and Multimedia Organization for the Pet Industry. Educating, Uniting, Referring, Connecting and Helping all Pet Professionals since 2009! The organization offers in-person and online networking events since it’s inception, hosting over 150 in-person events throughout the country. APP’s is mission to have pet professionals work together, help businesses grow, support each other to continue to unite the pet industry, to ultimately help pets and their parents. In addition to in-person networking events, American Pet Professionals also hosts educational courses, and masterminds for its members; sends out a weekly Pet Events Newsletter to 20,000 pet lovers that showcase both B2B and B2C pet events and also promotes many rescue groups. Founder and President of American Pet Professionals, Nancy E. Hassel, was named 2018 Women of Influence in the Pet Industry, referred to as an ‘industry visionary,’ she also travels across the country attending and speaking at pet business conferences and works with many of the organizers of such conferences to bring more expertise, knowledge, ideas and inspiration to its members. Nancy is also the host of the 5-star rated video show and podcast called, Digging Into the Pet Industry. The membership-based organization started in February 2009, for more information go to Featured regularly in Pet Age Magazine, Pet Product News International Magazine, Pet Business Magazine, Pets+ Magazine, Dogster Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine and numerous other magazines, newspapers, blogs and TV stations throughout the country and world.



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