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Barkworthies Extends New Product Offerings For All-Natural, Sweet Smoky Aroma, Hickory BBQ Chews

The extended product line offers 12 new options including some for smaller dogs and lighter chewers.




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(PRESS RELEASE) RICHMOND, VA – Barkworthies high-quality, natural dog chews and snacks, is proud to announce the extension to its popular hickory-smoked line of natural dog chews, which debuted earlier this year to a standing ovation. The extended product line of 12 new offerings features hickory flavor and the sweet-smelling aroma like ribs coming off the grill.

“Our new smoked line of natural chews was an instant hit with dogs and their people,” said Andres Blades, Chief Marketing Officer at Barkworthies. “Such a hit, that we decided to extend the line offering 12 new natural hickory smoked chew options including some for smaller dogs and lighter chewers.”

“We initially introduced the new smoked line of natural dog chews after conducting careful research which showed that dog parents want to give their dogs the best in health and nutrition,” added Blades. “But single-ingredient natural chews often come with one top complaint – the odor.

“While dogs love stinky chews, dog parents simply don’t,” said Blades. “Our research shows that this can sometimes result in the pet parent choosing an unhealthy choice (such as rawhide) simply to avoid an unpleasant odor.

“At Barkworthies, we believe that dogs and their parents should have an exceptional experience with our products, including their odor, and they should never need to compromise a healthy choice,” she said.


The new line of hickory cold smoked chews and treats have an incredible aroma of smokey goodness making them irresistible to dogs and dog parents alike. Barkworthies’ innovative cold-smoking process (patent pending) results in just the right amount of smokey barbecue aroma and unbeatable flavor while maintaining the integrity of the chew and our steadfast commitment to an all-natural product. You won’t find smoke powder or liquid smoke on these chews – just natural chews, smoke, and love.

Barkworthies naturally Smoked dog chews include:

  • Smoked Cheeky Chews (4 Pack)
  • Smoked Scapulas (2 Pack)
  • Smoked Cow Ears (5 Pack)
  • Smoked Gullet Bites (5 oz Pack)
  • Smoked Bully Bites (6 oz Pack)
  • Smoked Braided Pork Pizzle (5 Pack)
  • Smoked Gullet Sticks (10 Pack)
  • Smoked Duck Feet (10 Pack)
  • Smoked Marrow Bones (2 Pack)
  • Smoked Tendon Strips (3 Pack)
  • Smoked Small Dog Sampler Pack (10 Pack)
  • Smoked Medium/Large Dog Sampler Pack (10 Pack)

The chews offer unparalleled flavor and are prepared just like a smoke pit master would with no shortcuts, just fire, smoke, and patience. The taste and smell are irresistible and great for picky-eating pooches.

  • Smoked Cheeky Chews Try our Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Cheeky Chews – premium beef cheeks, smoked to perfection for a tender and savory treat. No artificial additives, promoting dental health.
  • Smoked Scapulas Introducing Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Scapulas – a whole-some, flavorful chew sourced from premium beef with natural cartilage for joint health.
  • Smoked Cow Ears Indulge your dog with Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Cow Ears – high-quality beef, carefully smoked for a mouthwatering flavor that promotes dental health.
  • Smoked Gullet Bites Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Gullet Bites 10 pack – all-natural, single-ingredient chews from high-quality beef, smoked to perfection, promoting dental health.
  • Smoked Bully Bites Delight your dog with Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Bully Bites 6oz pack – naturally smoked beef pizzle, perfect for rewarding or snacking with no artificial ingredients.
  • Smoked Braided Pork Pizzle Treat your canine to Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Braided Pork Pizzle, 5pk – all-natural, hand-braided chews that promote dental health.
  • Smoked Gullet Sticks Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Gullet Sticks 10 pack – single-ingredient, savory chews from high-quality beef, promoting dental health.
  • Smoked Duck Feet Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Duck Feet all-natural, premium duck chews, smoked to perfection for a tasty and nutritious treat.
  • Smoked Marrow Bones Satisfy your dog’s urge to chew with Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Marrow Bones 2pk – naturally smoked, nutrient-packed treats for dental health.
  • Smoked Tendon Strips Indulge your pup with Barkworthies Naturally Tendon Strips – high-quality beef, natural tendons for protein, collagen, and joint health.
  • Smoked Small Dog Sampler Pack Spoil your small dog with Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Small Dog Sampler 10 pack – an assortment of flavorful, natural chews for dental health.
  • Smoked Medium/Large Dog Sampler Pack Treat your medium to large-sized dogs to Barkworthies Naturally Smoked Medium/Large Dog Sampler 10 pack – an enticing assortment of natural chews for dental health and overall well-being.

“All of our products are created by dog parents for dog parents that really care about the products they give to their dogs,” added Blades. “We think the naturally smoked line of products is a win-win any way you look at it.”

About Barkworthies

Barkworthies was created as a new class of dog chews, premium products free from artificial preservatives, additives, and ingredients. We know dogs, and we know how to ensure they are happy and healthy. For more information, please visit




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