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BAYDOG Releases 2 New Canine Lifejackets

They will be at booth 1015 at Global Pet Expo in February.




(PRESS RELEASE) The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company has released its newest product, the Monterey Bay Canine Lifejacket. The Monterey Bay will be in stores by April 1 and will feature an upgraded Offshore variant made specifically for boaters.

Company founder and CEO Barton O’Brien stated, “We live in Annapolis, MD, the sailing capital of the U.S., and every sailboat we see has a dog onboard. We surveyed the market for dog lifejackets and realized there really wasn’t anything out there made specifically for boaters. So after we developed the Monterey Bay (which took us a year), we went back to the drawing board and worked with experienced boaters to create the enhanced Monterey Bay Offshore. This variant has features that increase survivability in rough waters no matter how far you are away from the shore.”

The Monterey Bay has been designed for any adventure, from a day at lake swimming or jumping off a dock, to boating on the open ocean. Both designs offer exceptional floatation and comfort with full chest and torso support which lift the dog from below and avoid the typical nylon straps cutting into the dog’s tender underside. Also, both models are ergonomically designed to allow for a dog’s natural swimming motion.

The Monterey Bay is loaded with features, such as 600 denier UV-coated nylon, saltwater-resistant hardware, 360 visibility reflective trim, large hook-and-loop panels and buckles to ensure a secure fit, and an expandable neck collar similar to human personal flotation devices.

The enhanced Monterey Bay Offshore model has additional safety features that make it the perfect choice for boaters. Strategically placed outboard pontoons will roll a dog upright in the roughest sea conditions, and extra floatation on the chin / chest area ensure the dog’s head stays above water for increased survivability. The larger sizes have a second handle on the back to aid lifting a dog back aboard.

BAYDOG will display the Monterey Bay Lifejacket at booth 1015 at Global Pet Expo in February, along with the debut of several complementary water toys. The lifejacket will come in two colors: hi visibility Nautical Yellow and Blaze Orange, and is offered in five sizes.




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