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Cat’s Pride Announces Litter for Good Program




(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO, IL — Cat’s Pride announced its national “Litter for Good” program as part of its long-term commitment to help save America’s shelter cats through partnerships with and donations to animal welfare organizations across the country. The Litter for Good program encourages consumers to nominate their favorite animal shelters to receive free litter at and to purchase a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter. For every green jug sold, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to shelters nationwide to help animals in need, with the goal of five million pounds of litter donated this year and twenty million pounds by the year 2020. Cat’s Pride is also continuing to partner with actress, producer and animal rights activist Katherine Heigl to help promote the program through “Litter for Good” videos, TV commercials and social media advocacy to encourage all shelters around the country to participate.

Consumers can nominate local animal shelters to receive free litter. The more nominations shelters receive, the more litter they are eligible to claim. When a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter is purchased, a pound of litter will be added to the total amount donated. Two pounds will be donated for every box and pail of Fresh & Light litter purchased. Consumers can visit and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club, click on the “Litter for Good” button and nominate a local shelter to receive litter.

“Through our work with animal shelters, we know how much they appreciate donations of litter and I’m thrilled to play a part in helping Cat’s Pride support this initiative,” said Katherine Heigl. “Litter donations will make a huge difference by freeing up dollars that shelters can use toward saving more companion animals.” 

The program addresses a critical need in the shelter community, where 3.2 million cats enter shelters every year and over half are euthanized. Cat’s Pride is committed to Changing Litter for Good, by developing innovative, high performance products, minimizing the environmental impact of its business, and supporting the work of animal welfare organizations nationwide.

“We have been donating litter to shelters for decades, but now we’re excited to extend that to even more shelters across America,” said Dan Jaffee, President and CEO of Oil-Dri, maker of Cat’s Pride. “It’s never been easier to help. Shelters tell us they desperately need donations of litter and this is a great, simple way for consumers to make a difference. You buy a jug and we donate a pound.”

Helping animals is second nature to Jaffee, a third-generation President and CEO of the family-run company, Oil-Dri. He is passionate about cats and litter and as a 20-year board member of The Anti-Cruelty Society, Jaffee takes a personal interest in helping animals and improving Cat’s Pride products, to improve the lives of cats.


Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light is a revolutionary cat litter that delivers the ultimate performance, including superior odor control, strong clumping and low dust and tracking. Plus it’s up to 50 percent lighter than traditional heavyweight scoopable litters. Fresh & Light is carried in most major grocery stores, Walmart and online at and LOOK FOR THE GREEN JUG!

Katherine Heigl, actress, producer and animal rights activist shown at the Utah Animal Adoption Center in Salt Lake City, is partnering with the Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program to encourage consumers to nominate their favorite animal shelters to receive free litter when they purchase a green jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter.



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