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Celerant and Signifyd Partner for eCommerce Fraud and Chargeback Protection

Merchants can more easily prevent fraudulent eCommerce orders and chargebacks while automating the dispute resolution process with Signifyd.




(PRESS RELEASE) ISELIN, NJ – Celerant Technology, a leader in retail software and eCommerce solutions, has announced a partnership and integration with Signifyd. Available for Celerant’s eCommerce platform, Signifyd offers comprehensive online fraud protection and conversion optimization while eliminating customer abuse through chargebacks. The Signifyd Commerce Protection Platform automatically detects suspicious transactions and behaviors throughout the buying journey, and utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the checkout experience.

“Signifyd is excited to partner with Celerant and for the opportunity to introduce an entirely new level of protection against fraudulent transactions for eCommerce retailers,” Mike Rich, Signifyd director of North American Partnerships, said. “With Signifyd, Celerant’s online merchants can use AI-driven solutions to minimize chargebacks and ensure more valid orders go through. We are excited to work with Celerant’s retailers and help them improve conversions while reducing risk.”

Leveraging eCommerce Transactions against a Historical Database

Signifyd leverages data from its Commerce Network of thousands of eCommerce retailers to combat order fraud, chargebacks, and illegitimate disputes effectively. Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform learns in real time. This technology benefits retailers by automating order verification and saving time, without the need for manual review and intervention. For a range of merchants, including enterprise retailers, the integration provides up-to-date data to provide fraud protection, preventing suspicious orders from processing. This additionally reduces instances of first-party fraud by operating with current information and advanced technology.

“As retailers continue to expand sales in the eCommerce world, the growth is matched by those looking to exploit flaws in the security of online purchases,” stated Ian Goldman, president and CEO of Celerant. “Through our partnership with Signifyd, retailers can leverage the integration to enhance their security against fraudulent activity, while shifting any liability. Our clients can rest easy that they aren’t losing potential sales, while they won’t be held responsible for chargebacks.”

Celerant’s eCommerce Platforms


Celerant offers two eCommerce platforms that integrate with Signifyd – Cumulus Retail eCommerce, a cost-effective, SaaS solution for small-to-medium retailers; and Stratus Enterprise eCommerce, a comprehensive solution with advanced and custom functionality. Retailers opting for the Signifyd integration instantly connect to a comprehensive database, where AI logic is applied to all online orders from day one.

To learn more about Celerant and the new integration with Signifyd, please visit here.

About Signifyd

Signifyd provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform that leverages its Commerce Network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and consumer abuse risk for retailers. Its solutions provide the transparency and control that brands need to succeed in the rapidly changing world of commerce. Signifyd, which is the leading provider of payment security and fraud prevention for the Top 1000 Retailers for 2024, is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with locations in Denver, New York, Mexico City, São Paulo, London and Belfast.

About Celerant Technology

Celerant Technology is an innovative retail software provider enabling retailers to expand their businesses past their physical storefronts’ and into the online world. Rated as the #1 retail software provider year after year by the RIS LeaderBoard, Celerant supports retailers with an all-in-one system; point of sale, inventory management, promotions and loyalty rewards, eCommerce, mobile apps, vendor integrations, marketplace integrations, integrated email marketing and more. For retailers looking for ongoing educational content to help expand your business through technology, subscribe to Celerant’s Retail Roundup blog:



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