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Christies Direct Launches Innovative New Dezynadog Scissor Range

It’s using its expertise to stride into new product areas.




(PRESS RELEASE) As consumer demand for pet groomers continues to increase across the globe, modern grooming professionals now require a scissor that can maintain a sharp, effortless cut for longer. Christies Direct have announced the launch of the highly anticipated Aureus, the first high-end scissor range from DezynaDog, a brand built on heritage and experience. With over 60 years of knowledge in the dog grooming industry, DezynaDog is using its expertise to stride into new product areas.

The Aureus Scissor range has been developed from high-quality Chinese VG10 stainless steel and has a hardness rating of an impressive 62-63 degrees. The scissor is designed with a striking golden finish, a unique, intricately designed tension screw, and has comfortable rubber finger inserts for all-day use.

Brand Development Executive Nakina Lamont is confident the new product will become a best-seller “From the initial concept we wanted a high-quality scissor that was luxurious in design, but more importantly in its finish and grooming ability. That’s why we went for the VG10 Chinese Steel – it has a higher hardness rating, so retains sharpness for much longer”.

Available in straight, curved, thinner, and chunker models as well as lefty options, the Aureus’ convex edge finish allows for soft, smooth cutting from every angle. The curved chunker is a completely new addition to DezynaDog and a first from any Christies brand. Combined with being crafted from such a high performing steel, it is set to be a top performer and a number one seller in 2022.

Nakina continues “the reason we have added these is simply the huge volume of requests from our customers – the main thing we strive towards is obviously to cater for groomers’ needs, so it was a no brainer to develop these. Curved chunkers are a great tool for using on rounded areas of the body, particularly the head, to get that perfect rounded top, and they’re also great for using on dogs that are more fidgety. And because the scissors stay sharper for longer, they will save professional groomers time, and money, so they’re a win-win.”




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