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Consumer Demand for Sustainability Fuels Shameless Pets Launch in Costco Texas Region

The 2-pound bag of top-selling treat Bananas for Bacon retails for $9.49.




Shameless Pets treats

(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO – Shameless Pets, the pet treat brand upcycling nutritious ingredients into high quality pet treats, launches a 2lb bag of its top selling treat, Bananas for Bacon, in the Costco Texas region. This soft-baked banana, bacon, and peanut butter dog biscuit retails for $9.49. Proof that sustainable and healthy pet treats are resonating strongly with pet owners, Shameless Pets is proud to have grown at a CAGR of nearly 300% from 2018-2023. As a result of this past-faced growth, Shameless Pets has been able to scale upcycled supply chains to save over 3 million pounds of food.

Whether it is partnering with retailers who have like-minded sustainability missions, or demonstrating added value to traditional store chains, Shameless Pets has been able to add a unique offering to consumers at shelf through their fun flavor profiles and upcycled ingredients. While upcycling is core to their mission, Shameless Pets also uses 25% post-consumer recyclable plastic in packaging, and 80% of products are made at a facility using solar energy. With over 5 million reviews online, Shameless Pets boasts an average of 4.7 star-rating, indicating rave reviews from both humans and their pets.

Founded in 2018 by James Bello and Alex Waite, the co-founders brought over 20 combined years of CPG, retail, and product development experience to set the strategy behind Shameless Pet’s exponential growth. “We are constantly seeking consumer feedback and listening to what is resonating with our consumers. We continue to hear the importance of sustainability and our customers are always asking us for a bulk size bag available at Costco, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in stores now.” Says James Bello, co-founder and CEO of Shameless Pets.

The company also is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to launching new pet treats. From unique seasonal launches to their regular fan favorites, the company keeps a focused pulse on what’s trending and what pets love.

All Shameless Pets treats are corn and soy free and are proudly made in the USA.

About Shameless Pets

In 2018 the folks behind Shameless Pets, James and Alex, challenged themselves to bring value to the imperfect and surplus ingredients currently left out of our food system. They were pretty shaken up when they learned how much nutritious food gets tossed out in the country… over 63 million tons of it! After quite a bit of experimentation, they created a line of treats for dogs that taste incredible, make our furry friends feel great, and upcycle nutritious ingredients that would have otherwise been wasted. Since then, they’ve added 4 new lines of dog treats and cat treats to the mix. This is just the beginning for Shameless Pets. They’re going to divert more and more of those overlooked ingredients into joyful moments, with a goal of upcycling 5 million pounds of food by 2025. Meanwhile, they’ll continue to develop recipes to make you and your pet’s life easier, more fun, and more delicious.



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