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How to Stay Positive During a Pandemic!

WEBINAR: Even in the toughest times, you can fill your days and night with joy.




LET’S BE HONEST: We are all struggling to stay positive in this new COVID-19 world. Even the panelists of this webinar have their moments, but they are just that: moments. The rest of their days and nights are filled with joy that they find for themselves and create for others.

Join panelists Nancy Guinn of Dog Krazy, Ed Kaczmarek of Urban Pooch, Trace Menchaca of Flying M Pet Grocery and Beth Staley of Happy Dog Barkery, plus moderator Pamela Mitchell, the editor-in-chief of PETS+, for an hour of laughter, insight and practical advice. Among the many topics covered will be:

  • Bouncy balls
  • Choosing adaptability
  • Oprah and Deepak Chopra
  • Expansion and restructuring
  • Customer drive-bys
  • Working less
  • Puppets!
  • Turning off the news
  • Adult beverages and other recreational treats

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