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Do You Carry a Pet Bowl, Slow-Feeder or Mat to Suit Every Pet’s Needs?

If not, shop these 10 products, from lickmats for cats to slow-feeders for dogs and everything in between.




JUST AS THERE are now a variety of food types to suit every pet’s needs, the products in which they are served have evolved, too. Whether designed to prevent bloat, engage the brain and/or prevent whisker fatigue, these bowls, feeders and mats also come with features that make mealtime more convenient for those doing the serving.


Printed Cat Bowl

Newly redesigned and sustainably crafted bowl features a classic and simple design with a low rim to reduce whisker interference. Made from eco-friendly plant-based materials, including bamboo powder, PLA resin, cornstarch and bran coat/rice husks. In six stylish colors/patterns, BPA-free and dishwasher friendly. 5.25-inch diameter., (843) 380-4042



Fishy Design Emat Enrichment Lick Mat

Cat-specific “Fishy” design features a fish skeleton and curious cat pattern. The mat soothes and promotes enrichment through licking and keeps cats entertained. Aids in portion control, dental health and digestive well-being by stimulating saliva production. Made in the U.S. from FDA-compliant materials. 5 by 7 inches., (720) 272-9664




Spin Interactive Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

Interactive feeders feature circular base bowl with interchangeable spinners for adjustable feeding challenges. Inserts are made from 50% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. Dishwasher safe and crafted from FDA-compliant, BPA-free and PVC-free materials. Staff training, merchandising tips and marketing resources. 9.8 by 9.8 by 5.1 inches., (843) 380-4042



Seaflex Feeding Mat

Eco-friendly pet placemat designed with raised edges to keep food in place. Encourages enrichment and promotes licking, slower eating and foraging. Made from Seaflex, a blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex. Dishwasher safe and does not contain BPA, latex or phthalates. 21 by 13.5 inches and in Marine, Sea Fog, Kelp and Tropic Red. Line also includes bowls and enrichment toys., (800) 443-5567



Piedmont Diner XL

Crafted with ECOFLEX, an eco-friendly and non-toxic material impervious to moisture and odor, made from new and recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fiber by-products. With easy-to-clean stainless-steel bowls in a a sliding lid, plus storage for food. In Russet, Antique White and Gray. 12.4 by 22.1 by 15 inches., (877) 345-3623



Blue Magnolia Kitten & Puppy Bowl

Bowls featuring New Orleans-inspired art offer a stylish dining experience. 6-inch diameter to prevent spills, made from durable, dishwasher-safe stoneware for easy cleanup and pet health. 12 distinctive designs for offering a variety of options.,



Tuff Bowl

The double-walled stainless-steel bowl resists corrosion and rust, and holds up to 5 cups of water or kibble. Silicone sleeve keeps bowl in place during use. Dishwasher safe. 7.3-inch diameter. In Black, Lime and Coral., (347) 477-0933



Forager Bowl

Slow-feeding snuffle bowl helps prevent bloat, stimulates a pet’s brain and encourages natural foraging. Machine-washable, with proprietary SoftSnout Material that is non-abrasive on noses, gums and tongues. In two difficulty levels. 9-inch diameter cinches for travel.,



Pixi Smart 6-Meal Feeder

Stores six meals of any kind — dry or wet, with the included ice packs helping to keep wet food fresh — and schedules them for serving via the free Catit PIXI app or LCD touch control panel. Cat-safe rotation mechanism and cat-proof lock., (888) 412-2848



Corsa Bowls

Durable plastic outer body, hygienic stainless-steel interior, and fused rubber base featuring matching bands with pawprint designs. In Stealth Black, Inferno Orange, Lightning Yellow, Fiery Pink and Rapid Blue. Dishwasher safe in three sizes. Interlocking stackable design improves merchandising. loving, (609) 655-3700


Rachel Phelps, a sought-after pet industry influencer and known as “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her internet celebrity dog Preston from She has three Westies who think they are mini-humans and a cat who rules the house.



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