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Dollar General Manager Fired After Detailing Working Conditions in Viral Videos

Piled-up boxes in the aisles, unannounced delivery trucks and understaffing are among the challenges.




Mary Gundel was fired from her position as a manager at Dollar General (Goodlettsville, TN) after she posted a video series on TikTok – which then went viral – detailing the working conditions inside the deep-discount chain, The New York Times reports.

The challenges of her job were diverse, from boxes piled up in the aisles to delivery trucks showing up unannounced to chronic understaffing, according to the article. Gundel’s critique spans six videos, one of which has garnered 1.8 million views.

Since posting the videos, other Dollar General employees have been emboldened to express their own frustrations – though are doing it anonymously for fear of losing their jobs.

“Everyone has their breaking point,” Gundel told the Times. “You can only feel unappreciated for so long.”

Dollar General offered the following statement to the outlet:

“We provide many avenues for our teams to make their voices heard, including our open-door policy and routine engagement surveys. We use this feedback to help us identify and address concerns, improve our workplace and better serve our employees, customers and communities. We are disappointed any time an employee feels that we have not lived up to these goals and we use those situations as additional opportunities to listen and learn. Although we do not agree with all the statements currently being made by Ms. Gundel, we are doing that here.”


Read more at The New York Times.



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