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Einstein Pets Debuts New Grain-Free Treat Line




(Press Release) SARASOTA, FL – Einstein Pets has announced the addition of a new Grain-Free treat line to its family of products. Einstein Pets has released Smart Strips Grain-Free Sweet Potato + Banana, and Sweet Potato + Cranberry treats for dogs. The introduction of Smart Strips is in response to consumers and retailers asking for Einstein Pets quality in a jerky-like product.

Einstein Pets low-calorie Smart Strips are cleverly crafted with only three ingredients, which combine sweet potato and essential fibers in a unique baking process to ensure that each strip is full of flavor and chewier than any other sweet potato treat on the market. Smart Strips are vitamin enriched and are a great low-fat alternative to conventional treats. Because these treats can easily be torn into smaller pieces, they are perfect for training sessions, stuffable toys or as a topper for food.

Like all Einstein Pets treats, these all-natural, heart-smart treats are crafted for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities, who are in need of grain-free or limited ingredient diets, or for pet parents who prefer feeding grain-free nutrition.

Each recipe is packed with a high concentration of high quality raw ingredients, with a controlled amount of fat, calories and minerals.

“We’ve heard from many pet parents who are looking to help manage their pets’ food sensitivities, allergies, and weight, and from those looking for more grain-free nutrition options for dogs,” said Kelly Ison, founder and CEO at Einstein Pets. “We are dedicated to nutrition, which is why these new recipes were created to help serve these pets’ specific nutritional needs and tastes.”


Kelly and Robert Ison’s journey into building a successful pet brand began with their love for dogs. As pet-parents, they believe that four-legged family members deserve the benefits of good nutrition and a responsible diet, too. Kelly and Robert formulated all Einstein Pets products to be cleverly crafted in small batches with form, function, and versatility in mind. The 100 percent all-natural organic nutritional treats aid in digestion, heart health, and offer super nutrients in every bite for optimal health and wellness.

The Einstein Pets product lineup is available at pet specialty retailers nationwide. The U.S.A. made Smart Strips dog treats come in two tempting flavors: Sweet Potato + Banana and Sweet Potato + Cranberry, and have an MSRP of $11.99 per 5oz bag. To learn more about Einstein Pets and its products, please visit



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