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Freshpet Champions Pets, People, Planet Mission with Earth Day Video Initiative

Company will plant one tree for each share of the video, up to 28,000 trees.




(PRESS RELEASE) SECAUCUS, NJ – Freshpet, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRPT), the leader in fresh, real food for pets, is honoring Earth Day and its goal to do right by pets, people, and the planet through a fun and lively musical video that pledges to plant trees to better the environment. In conjunction with the National Forests Foundation, Freshpet plans to plant one tree for every share of the video, up to 28,000 trees! To help the cause and encourage shares, the video can be found here, as well as on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.

The video follows a Freshpet customer who realizes the positive impact Freshpet has on the environment through its sustainability initiatives. While her heart is in the right place, the pet parent highlighted in the video goes a bit overboard in thinking that the planet has been saved, because of her grocery purchase. Luckily, a Freshpet delivery person is there to bring her back down to Earth. Through the musical video we get a fun, fresh look at what Freshpet does for pets, people and the planet.

Freshpet is wholly committed to making the Earth a better place for the pets and people who live on it. It’s for that reason that the company maintains all of their kitchens at zero landfill and are powered by 100% wind energy, with meats and vegetables used in their recipes sourced locally whenever possible. Freshpet makes decisions at every stage to offset their carbon footprint, regardless of the added expense. To date, the company has planted over 22,000 trees that have not only reduced their carbon footprint but also restored hundreds of acres of wildlife habitats. With the help of each person who shares the video, Freshpet will double down on its promise to the environment by planting a total of 50,000 trees by the end of 2019.

Freshpet creates fresh, refrigerated food for pets. Freshpet was founded in 2006 when Co-founders Scott Morris and Cathal Walsh realized that pets weren’t getting the essential ingredients they need from traditional kibble and wet can foods on the market. Freshpet’s purpose is to transform the way we nourish our pets with fresh, healthy food made in a way that’s best for pets, people and the planet.

See here for the full Earth Day Musical.




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