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Furvor Launches First of Its Kind Mobility Support Bone Broth for Dogs

It ‘super boosts’ the already naturally occurring profile of amino acids and glucosamine found in bone broth to target muscle and mobility health.




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN DIEGO, CA — Furvor, a leading pet bone broth nutrition brand, unveiled its latest breakthrough formula, Mobility Support Bone Broth for dogs. Committed to building premium, human-grade, natural products, this formula is the first bone broth available for dogs that “super boosts” the already naturally occurring profile of amino acids and glucosamine found in bone broth to target muscle and mobility health. This formula uses Furvor’s top-selling Beef Bone Broth Topper as its base and complements Furvor’s initial Beef and Chicken Bone Broth Toppers.

It is designed for active dogs, dogs of all ages who may be experiencing mobility issues, and dog breeds susceptible to mobility issues. The Mobility Formula is loaded with natural ingredients (proteins, collagen, amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals) to deliver the following benefits for your dog:

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Muscle & Joint Health Support
  2. Immunity Boosting
  3. Enhances Digestive Wellness
  4. Skin & Coat Support
  5. Increased Hydration
  6. Irresistible Flavor Profile

Furvor ‘Gatorade’ for Active Dogs

Furvor’s Mobility Bone Broth Formula is increasingly used as a hydration ‘Gatorade’ for active dogs. Mixing with water, pet parents are increasingly using Furvor to support:

Phase 1: ‘Pre-Workout’ For Your Dog
The Mobility bone broth is an effective pre-activity hydration drink, ensuring ample hydration before the activity begins.


Phase 2: On-The-Go ‘Gatorade’
Prolonged exercise with changing environments and shifting climates can strain dogs immensely. The Mobility bone broth helps support your dog’s energy levels with natural carbohydrates and electrolytes for extended periods.

Phase 3: Post-Exercise Hydration
Drink Adding Furvor bone broth to your dog’s post-exercise water ensures immediate hydration and nutrient replenishment to support recovery.

Frank Teasley, a professional dog musher for over 30 years, owns Jackson Hole Iditarod Dog (JHID) Sled Tours. Frank competed in the Iditarod 8 times and, at JHID, manages a dog sledding kennel of 180 dogs for backcountry tours and professional racing. Frank recently endorsed Furvor after using the product for over three months.

“There is no other bone broth product like Furvor. It’s a standout regarding its nutritional profile, packing dramatically more nutrients for your dog than traditional bone broths, and its taste can satisfy the requirements of your pickiest eaters. I feel strongly enough about the product that we will add Furvor to our Emergency Vet Pack during our professional races this season.”

Founder Kevin Bauer commented on their first-year success, “We are bringing nutrition to bone broth in an industry where almost all bone broths are +95% water – just flavored water. We are on a mission to change that, leading a movement to reimagine dog nutrition and creating bone broths that are 30x more nutritionally dense than typical boxed bone broth.”

For retailer questions or product samples, please contact for more information or visit Learn more at Global Pet Expo 2024, Furvor Booth #3669.

About Furvor

Furvor is a leading dog nutrition brand dedicated to crafting premium, natural bone broth products that enhance the well-being of dogs. Being part of the Furvor community brings purpose and meaning to your pet nutrition purchase. We are committed to donating 1% of our annual sales to help expand the availability of service dogs that help those in need live a richer, fuller life. Find out more about Furvor, its products, and 1% Give Back at or follow us at @furvorpets.



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