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Guy Tests Petco’s ‘All Pets Welcome’ Policy by Bringing Gigantic Steer to Store

The animal was greeted warmly.




Petco boasted a policy of welcoming all leashed pets.

A Texas couple wanted to see if the company really meant it, the Washington Post reports.

They brought a rather unusual pet to a Houston-area store: a 1,600-pound Ankole-Watusi steer named Oliver. He was, of course, on a leash.

One of the steer’s owners, Vincent Browning, posted on Facebook about the incident, and a video of the experiment has gone viral.

The animal was greeted with enthusiasm at the store by staff members and customers alike.

The Post reports that Oliver is “a fully trained steer who’s available for rodeos and events.”

Ron Coughlin, CEO of Petco, tweeted: “So proud [and a little jealous] of our Atascocita team for keeping @Petco’s word when we say ‘ALL leashed #pets are welcome.’ Meeting Oliver, the African Watusi, looks like an incredible experience!”

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