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Of Daphne’s bewitching costume, Janelle Pitula, owner of Wags to Whiskers in Plainfield, IL, says: “Well, I don’t know if it’s the best, but she sure makes a cute witch!”

“Yoda as spaghetti and meatballs,” says blogger Bryn Nowell (A Dog Walks Into a Bar) in describing this tasty costume. “Also a heaping pile of side eye.”

Bean is costumed as a “crazy cat lady,” says blogger Bryn Nowell. “No offense to actual cat people.”

Sarah Stewart, owner of Southern Barker, with locations in Louisville and Lexington, KY, shows off her dog Wilson modeling a Star Wars costume her business sells.

Sarah Stewart’s dog Charlie is anything but despicable in a minion costume.

“Lily trying out our new Halloween headbands!” says Sarah Stewart of Southern Barker.

Sarah Stewart’s dog Wilson is looking chill in his panda costume.

Matthew O’Leary of Felix and Oscar in Springfield, VA has been taking store holiday photos for nine years. This photo of Clara dressed as Cleopatra is one of his favorites.

Harry channels his inner blood-sucker in a vampire costume in this photo from Matthew O’Leary of Felix and Oscar in Springfield, VA.

“Pork Wonton is modeling our Monster hats at the shop,” says Nancy Guinn of Dog Krazy, a five-location pet specialty retailer in Virginia. “This photo had us sold out after we posted it!”

“Nova was our speed bump in the shop,” says Nancy Guinn of Dog Krazy. “You had to step over her to get by. The lion mane fit her perfectly!”

Adds Nancy Guinn: “Pork Wonton has the same costume but it’s safe to say, Nova wore it better!”

Says Nancy Guinn: “This one was our customers’ favorite! I dressed up as Piglet and she dressed up as me. Finding dog Converse (sneakers) was a challenge!”

At Fur Baby Boutique in Milford, DE, owner Sherry Shupe’s miniature pinscher Alfie modeled a girls’ witch costume in order to help make a sale.

Says Sherry Shupe of this imperiously regal-looking outfit: “King Alfie loves wearing clothes so we found a costume with a coat he would be used to wearing. But the crown was a different story. He wasn’t a fan so we only had him wear it for the costume parade.”

Not quite a costume photo, but close enough. Says Sherry Shupe: “Our store cat Grace won’t wear a costume, but she loves to snuggle with this guy.”

Since Blind Melon’s 1993 “No Rain” video, we’ve had a weakness for bee costumes, which is why we love this picture of Divot, the store dog at Brown Dog Bakery in Ankeny, IA. “She is always cute,” says owner Anna Woodcock.

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