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Healers Hires Bulldog Marketing & Sales and All Points Marketing to Accelerate Growth

The partnerships will cover all marketing activity and drive Healers Petcare products into national pet chains and hard goods distributors.




(PRESS RELEASE) VANCOUVER, WA – Healers Petcare ( announced today, it has engaged Bulldog Marketing & Sales, the pet marketing agency owned by industry veteran, John Cullen. Bulldog is acting as Healers’ CMO and will be driving all marketing activity to support its key accounts. Healers has also brought on All Points Marketing, the pet rep firm owned by Rob Powers, to drive Healers’ products into national pet chains and hard goods distributors. All Points will be acting as the company’s VP of Sales.

“Healers Petcare has the right products at the right time,” said John Cullen, Owner of Bulldog Marketing & Sales, Inc. “The Pet Wellness category is up by 10% and is being driven by the shortage of veterinarians.”

According to Veterinarian Practice News, “The supply of skilled animal care professionals has not kept pace with the uptick in pet ownership.” This shortage of vets and vet techs creates a need for pet owners to do more care for their pets themselves – leading to the growth in the OTC (Over the Counter) Pet Health and Wellness Category. Healers Petcare has seen tremendous growth over the past three years across all its 30+ SKU product line that includes Protective Devices, First Aid, Bandages, Medical Wraps and Supplements.

CVS has created a Pet Wellness section to specifically address pet parents’ needs., which includes three of Healers’ SKUs including its flag ship Medical Dog Booties (protect & bandage), MSRP $35.99, its Therapeutic Body Wrap (anxiety and post-op care), $39.99 and the Heal and Repair Kit (wound cleanser and natural hot spot itch relief), $35.99.

After Drug, the Pet Channel is the next best fit for Pet Wellness products. Healers will be focused on gaining traction in the major pet chains and distributors over the next six months. It will be offering best in class marketing and sales support to its key accounts including CTV, Digital Advertising, Turn-Key Promotions, and Influencer marketing.


“Healers Petcare products should be in EVERY pet store in the world,” said Rob Powers, Owner of All Points Marketing. “I will be working with the company to reach that goal.”

“Like consumers have a first aid kit in their home for their family, they need first aid products for their pets,” said Terri Entler, President of Healers Petcare. “Pet owners need to be first responders for their pets and be able to administer first aid when appropriate.”

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About Healers Petcare

Healers Petcare is a holistic and natural pet health OTC product company. It was founded by Terri Entler in 2011, when she developed healing boots for her dog Jake who had burned his paws on a hike. Since then, the Healers line has expanded to over 30+ SKUs focused on pet health and first aid such as bandages, wraps, supplements and more. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, WA. To learn more, visit



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