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Healers PetCare Launches New Packaging Design

The new packaging will be on display at Global Pet Expo at the Healers PetCare booth (#2170).





(PRESS RELEASE) VANCOUVER, WA – Healers PetCare (, a pioneering name in pet wellness solutions and the maker of the flagship medical bootie, announced the launch of its new packaging design. The new design was created to bring a cohesive, clean look across the entire line of healing and Pet Wellness products. It will allow retailers to create a powerful Pet Wellness brand block given Healers’ extensive product line. The new design also allows consumers to quickly understand what the product is and what its healing benefits are. The cleaner designs also feature happy looking pets using the product on their healing journey.

“With the high cost of vet care and the shortage of veterinarians has made home pet wellness category essential for every pet retailer,” said Terri Entler, owner of Healers PetCare. “When a pet is hurt it is important to be able to quickly identify the correct product needed to solve the problem on the shelf. Our new packaging design aims to achieve this goal.”

The new packaging will be on display at Global Pet Expo at the Healers PetCare booth (#2170).

The full line of Healers’ products, including the new size of Medical Booties, are available dealer direct here.

Healers Petcare is raising growth capital. The company is inviting investors to join in its mission to be the number one pet health company in the rapidly growing pet wellness market. With an entry investment as low as $250, you can become part of this venture. For more information, please visit here.

About Healers Petcare

Established in 2011 by Terri, after creating Medical Dog Boots for her dog, Jake, who burned his paws on a hike. Healers PetCare has evolved into a comprehensive line of over 30+ SKUs dedicated to pet health and first aid, including bandages, wraps, natural solutions, supplements, and more. Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, the company specializes in holistic pet health care solutions tailored for home use by pet owners. For more details, visit




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