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Healthy Bird Products Make for Happier Feathered Friends

Stock your shelves with the latest in healthy foods, treats, toys and cage accessories.




Ware Birdie Bark Playground

Birdie Bark Playground

KEY FEATURES: A positive and entertaining outlet for small, energetic birds including parakeets, cockatiels and conures, this all-natural birdie gym is made from safe-to-chew twigs and bark. Great for exercise and reducing stress., (602) 257-8803


Kaytee SuperFoods TreatSticks Spinach Kale

Treat Sticks with Superfoods

KEY FEATURES: A tasty, enriching and nutritious way to encourage finicky feathered friends to eat their fruits, nuts and veggies. Flax Seed and Spinach & Kale formulas for small to medium birds. Blueberry and Almonds & Walnuts for medium to large birds., (800) KAYTEE-1



Round Playstand

KEY FEATURES: Pet birds will enjoy hanging out on these elegant playstands with rolling casters, for moving them room to room. Great for medium to large birds, they come in two sizes with a decorative stand, wood perch, stainless steel cups and debris pan., (312) 243-3624


Marlene Mc’Cohen’s Signature Blend

Marlene Mc’Cohen’s Signature Blend

KEY FEATURES: Created with YouTube star Marlene Mc’Cohen, these all-natural, U.S.-made meals feature a tasty combo of non-GMO, USDA organic-certified pellets, seeds and nuts. Varieties for small and large birds., (503) 286-1198


Volkman Pet Avian Organics Canary Finch

Avian Organics Canary/Finch

KEY FEATURES: Blended specially for smaller birds including canaries, finches, budgies and parakeets, this all-natural blend is part of Volkman’s new Avian Organic line. Made of USDA organic-certified, non-GMO millet, canola, brown flax and oat chips, and sized for smaller birds., (209) 634-8522


Wyld's Wingdom Grooming Perches


Sure-Grip Grooming Perches

KEY FEATURES: A lightweight alternative to cement perches, these natural hardwood grooming branches are coated in crushed walnut shells to provide a comfy yet effective surface to keep nails and beaks trimmed and healthy. Two styles and several sizes suitable for smaller to large hookbills., (800) 366-9953


Oxyfresh cage cleaner

Pet Crate & Cage Cleaner

KEY FEATURES: This fast-acting, non-toxic spray not only removes buildup and eliminates odors, it’s also cruelty-free and made in the U.S. Suitable for crates and cages for all types of pets., (800) 333-7374


Caitec bird perch hut

Featherland Paradise Bird Perch Hut

KEY FEATURES: Designed for small to medium-sized birds, this soft-sided and cozy roost is covered in machine-washable jungle-print fabric. Great for sleeping or just hiding out, it comes with a removable perch and a jingling bell., (410) 644-9998


Higgins inTune Harmony Parrot

InTune Harmony

KEY FEATURES: A seedless food and treat in one that’s chock full of morsels, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Free of artificial preservatives and flavors, it’s infused with protected probiotics and balanced Omega 3 and 6 for feathered companions of all sizes. Available in resealable 2-pound, 3-pound, 18-pound and 40-pound bags., (305) 681-4444


Lisa Plummer Savas is a pet journalist and content marketing writer whose work has been featured in pet publications including Dogster, Catster, Best Friends and Pet Age. When not covering the pet industry or blogging about global animal welfare issues, Lisa can be found training at her local dance studio in her quest to become a national ballroom champion. She lives in Atlanta with her beloved husband and very pampered Shih tzu, Dudley.



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