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Here Are the Letters From Our Readers for April

The more product ideas the better!




Love New Products

I love seeing new products through PETS+. It lets me get ideas on what to bring in — so the more product ideas the better! Same with promotional ideas. I love fun, trendy sales and events. I gather a lot of my best events and ideas through your articles! — Taylor Gonzalez, Three Tails Parlor and Pantry, Columbia, IL

Starting Point

I’m a responsible, ethical breeder. I’m also the starting point for introducing and recommending clients to certain products and product lines. It gives me a unique opportunity to start pet owners in the right direction with respect to nutrition, play, treats, toys, containment and accessories. I love new products and services and seek them out for my clients, who rely on me as a font of information regarding all things German Shepherd and dog in general. — Jacqueline Levy, Cross Keys K9, Williamstown, NJ

More Services

I’d love to see a little more featured on the pet service industry. This market is more saturated than ever, even before the Wag and Rover apps. I’d love comparisons of hobby vs. pro, interviews with successful pet care business owners, those who have branched out, etc. — Ashley Cook, Viva La Pet, Dover, NJ

Ready for Mentorship

In order to look forward, I first glance back to remind myself how far I have come. 2018 was a difficult year for our business, mostly due to the effects of Hurricane Florence, but it was also a year that I grew personally. I was ready for mentorship, and found what I needed in the pages of PETS+, not only as a magazine, but also through the introduction of Pet Boss Nation, the coaching group led by Candace D’Agnolo. — Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC

What Others Are Doing

We love the Best of the Best section (page 46 in this issue). It gives us insight on what others are doing. The Brain Squad is always something I stop to participate in because I like to see others’ responses and hope mine will help someone else! — Sal Salafia, Exotic Pet Birds Inc., Webster, NY

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