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How Do You Grab Attention in the Pet Industry

The May-June issue arrives chock full of advice and insight on how to successfully promote your business and the products and services you sell.




HOW CUTE IS the dog on the cover of this issue?! He goes by the handle Koda the Canine Yoda on social media, where he went viral in 2021 for an adorable TikTok starring, you guessed it, his ears. Their resemblence to those of the beloved “Star Wars” character also helped him beat out thousands to become one of three finalists in People magazine’s 2022 World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest.

While he did not take the top spot, Koda does serve as an example of how to grab attention in the crowded pet industry. He has gone on to secure paid partnerships that have benefitted a variety of rescue organizations. For more cuteness, follow him at kodathecanineyoda on TikTok and Instagram.

We focus on other marketing successes in this issue’s lead story (p. 34), “Watch Me!” In it, your fellow independent pet retailers and service providers generously share efforts that have helped them not only grab attention, but revenue as well. Take their ideas and give them a try, whether you follow their lead or give it your own personal spin.


In our columns section, store design and branding guru Lyn M. Falk offers ideas on how to achieve similar results once customers are in your store, with her checklist for a successful checkout counter (p. 52). And in Real Deal (p. 54), pet business owners weigh in on what they would do if a promotional window display offended a “customer.”

Once you’ve digested all of the excellent marketing advice in this issue, we invite you to share your own successes via or in the PETS+ Community at

As always, a big thank you to our contributors. Including cover photographer Jill Garrett, who got the amazing shot. We couldn’t publish without you!

Five Great Tips From This Issue That You Can Do Today

  1. Combine discounts with a self-wash pass to raise margins. (Calendar, p. 8)
  2. Do your research before stocking up on cooling items. (Manager’s To-Do List, p. 10)
  3. Schedule meetings for 48 minutes instead of 60. (Tip Sheet, p. 50)
  4. Get to know your local lawmakers. (Columns, p. 53)
  5. Reward your hard work with an African safari. (Sanity Files, p. 58)



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