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Humarian’s Probiotics Line For Dogs & Cats Now Available for Sale at Retail




(press release) INDIANAPOLIS, IN – After noticing the improvements regular probiotic supplementation has had on their own health, health-conscious pet parents have started looking for pet products to help improve the gut health of their furry friends as well.

Enter Humarian and its line of Probonix for Dogs and Cats. Humarian is making the move into the retail market by offering its Probonix liquid probiotics for dogs and cats. 

Pet parents love Humarian because giving Probonix is simple; just put the recommended number of drops onto your pet’s food or in his water once a day. They’ll be on their way to great gut health in no time! There’s no powder to sprinkle on their food and no pill for them to swallow. 

Humarian is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking nutraceuticals to improve immune and gastrointestinal health for pets and people alike. Pet store retailers will welcome this product because of its ease of use, reliability, and proven results. The pet store retailer can feel confident recommending this product and carrying it on their shelves. 


“The entire medical and scientific team at Humarian share a commitment to the science of digestive health,” stated Dr. Shawn Benzinger, CEO and co-founder of Humarian. “A high-quality probiotic should also be backed by scientific research and easy to fit into your busy lifestyle. Probonix delivers a product that meets the strictest quality standards!”

Humarian’s Probonix provide the store owner with a reliable way to help pet parents keep their dogs and cats healthier. Because Humarian understands that pet retail shelf space is at a premium, the real estate Humarian’s Probonix takes up is minimal. 

With close to 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon, Humarian’s Probonix is a product many people are raving about for themselves and their pets! 

The opportunity: Humarian is offering a unique retail opportunity to a select number of pet retail outlets — both large and small — that want to offer this innovative product for pet gut health to their customers. For more information about Humarian and this special retail opportunity, please contact



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