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LaLa Home Showcases New High-Tech Products at Global Pet Expo

The RealScooper and the RealFountain makes pet ownership a breeze.




(PRESS RELEASE) ANAHEIM, CA – LaLa Home Smartech unveils its new RealScooper and RealFountain at the 2024 Global Pet Expo trade show happening March 20-22 in Orlando, Fla. at the Orange County Convention Center.

LaLa Home’s RealScooper Self-Refilling and Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box first came on the scene after a widely successful IndieGoGo launch last fall. “The initial group of users gave valuable feedback that led to a number of modifications that had further enhanced the features of the product. Based on that feedback, we believe we have the best automated litter box on the market,” said Alan Hui, LaLa Home’s CEO.

Hui says the main difference from the competition is the self-refilling feature. “Five cells of cat litter are stored in the top reservoir of the machine that are released into the cat litter bed, replenishing the litter supply as the clumps and feces are scooped into the waste bin. No other self-cleaning litter box can handle the amount of litter that the RealScooper can.”

The RealFountain is the other smart product being unveiled. This pet fountain is great for bipetual households and features the option of a fountain style water flow for cats or lake-still water for dogs. It also features a ten-liter dual tank design that allows for continuous automatic operation during an extended period away from one’s pets.

Both products feature a proprietary APP that offers remote control operation and monitoring. The water filtration system is actually the key to the RealFountain. It not only features a UVC sterilization system but also an auto cleaning, draining, and refilling feature that together, with the six-Layer water filtration system, keeps the water pure and fresh tasting.

The RealScooper retails for $999.99 and the RealFountain retails for $399. However, LaLa Home has been offering generous discounts through a number of promotions.


The LaLaHome Home leadership team will be at Booth 3367 and are available for interviews. If you are interested or need more details, please contact Mary Tan at the above contact information.


LALAHOME is a visionary team that was inspired by the love and companionship of a delightful cat named LALA. LALA, a Virgo cat known for her exceptional cleanliness, became the catalyst to establish LALAHOME, a brand committed to providing the very best in new and innovative pet products that leverage the power of IoT technology. Driven by our passion for pets and our expertise, LALAHOME SmartTech is a team of dedicated individuals who share a deep love for animals. The company hopes to revolutionize the pet industry through research, development, quality control, and supply chain management



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