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Press Releases to Manufacture ‘Puppy Bumpers’ Safety Collars




(PRESS RELEASE) ARLINGTON, WA – Online pet supplies retailer, LLC, has announced the exclusive license procurement of Puppy Bumpers, in an agreement for the continued manufacturing and distribution of the product. Following the owner’s retirement from Puppy Bumpers, Inc., Litterboy has stepped in to continue the company’s legacy for pet safety. In addition, Litterboy will be expanding the current collection with exclusive, limited edition fabric options.  

Puppy Bumpers were invented in 2008 by Ann Price to solve the problem of her Maltese puppies getting through the gaps of a safety gate. Bumpers protect small dogs from escaping containment and fences, or accidentally falling from a balcony. Bumpers are award winning stuffed safety collars that easily attach to your dog’s existing collar. To view the current product selection and to learn more about the company, please visit

With the retirement of Ann Price in late 2017, Litterboy set to acquire the exclusive license to manufacture Puppy Bumpers, a safety essential for small dog owners. Litterboy is committed to maintaining the integrity of the product and the progression of the line, following the high standards developed by Ann. As part of this commitment all production of Puppy Bumpers will continue through STEPS, Inc. in Victoria, VA, a company that employs people with special challenges.



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