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Max & Molly’s Purposefully Designed Full Collar & Leash Line Now Available in the US

They are noticed for their purposefully designed features.




(PRESS RELEASE) CHARLESTON, SC — The public has spoken, and Max & Molly has answered. In addition to its ZeroBugs chemical free, ultrasonic flea and tick repellers, and, USB rechargeable, waterproof LED Ultra Bright Pet Lights, Max & Molly has brought their full leash and collar line to the US and Canada.

“We’ve seen immediate success with both the ZeroBugs and the LEDs, and much of the feedback has been about more than just how well the products perform. Retailers and customers are impressed with the packaging, point of sales, and the overall attention to detail,” says Only An Ocean Co-Founder Jolanda van der Basch.

Having only been available since early February, the collars and leashes are already being noticed for their purposefully designed features.

All collars come with a Smart ID Tag. Purchasers of a collar visit to freely register their pet. By registering contact info and more, if your pet is lost, the Smart ID Tag directs the finder of your pet to visit wherein they can locate your contact info and reunite you with your pet.

Additionally, the collars and leashes are made from highly durable neoprene which is not only comfortable, but extremely weatherproof and odor free even for the most extreme outdoor adventurer.

Max & Molly’s full collar and leash line will be available for viewing at Global Pet Expo booth 4576.


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