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New Senior Cat Food, Chew Toys by Aboriginal Artist and 7 More New and Notable Products for Your Pet Store




Busy Buddy Frosty Cone from PETSAFE

Give It A Lick

The new Busy Buddy Frosty Cone from PETSAFE allows pet parents to fill and freeze to treat or slow feed their pups. The BPA-free rubber toy has a French vanilla scent and provides 20 to 30 minutes of playtime. Be ready to add to your spring displays as weather warms up.



New Packaging

HOFSETH BIOCARE introduces new packaging in 2022 for its popular Brilliant Salmon Oil — just for pet speciality stores. The transparent, UV-protected bottles now feature a black label instead of white, but contain the same 100% fresh, single-ingredient, heart-healthy, human-grade Norwegian salmon oil that gives dogs and cats shiny fur, softer paws, increased energy and enhanced appetite. Free of GMO ingredients, additives and antibiotics. Eye-catching POP/merchandising displays are available. 10 and 34 fluid ounces.



Antler Alternative

Traditional hard antlers aren’t a good fit for all dogs. With that in mind, HIMALAYAN PET SUPPLY created the Antler Bone, a combination of antler powder and cheese with natural minerals, vitamins, proteins and flavor. The long-lasting chew supports oral health by reducing tartar and plaque buildup. Perfect for February aka National Pet Dental Health Month.



EARTH BATH’s line of new and improved grooming wipes

New & Improved

Tushy Wipes join EARTH BATH’s line of new and improved grooming wipes. Like the others, these wipes are vegan, plant-based and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. And the new soft packaging uses significantly less plastic than previous hard tubs. Perfect for dogs and cats six weeks old and up, the non-GMO, cruelty-free wipes also do not contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol, gluten or dyes. Made in the U.S. Available in Rosemary & Chamomile, in 30 and 100 counts.



Save the Birdies!

The Prey Saver Cat Collar from CRAZY K FARM PET AND POULTRY PRODUCTS helps keep birds and other small wild animals safe from stalking cats. The colorful, Elizabethan-style collar with a reflective-tape border can be easily seen in bright and dim light, and the loud bell sounds an alert when the cat moves. The collar features a break-away clasp to keep the cat safe, as well.



Artistic Toys

OUTBACK TAILS enlisted Aboriginal artist Keturah Zimran to help create its new line of dog chew toys. The Keturah Zimran Collaboration features pieces stuffed with sustainable jute fiber, wrapped in strong cotton canvas printed with the artist’s colorful work. A percentage of sales goes directly to Zimran. Available through DOOG USA.


TIKI CAT cat food

Senior Management

Cats 11 years old and up now have a TIKI CAT line of food just for them. All Tiki Cat Silver recipes include high protein to help maintain weight and muscle mass, pumpkin to aid digestion, and omegas and antioxidant vitamins A and E to boost weakening immune systems. The omegas also promote joint health for better mobility. And low phosphorus content and added hydration help protect aging kidneys and urinary tracts. Your older kitty customers will love the soft texture for their aging teeth and gums, and the meaty flavor. Three recipes are available: Mousse & Shreds with Chicken, Duck & Duck Liver in Broth, Whole Foods with Chicken Recipe in Chicken Broth, and Whole Foods with Tuna & Mackerel Recipe in Tuna Broth. 2.4-ounce six-packs.




Bone Broth Plus

Paws & Reflect from HEIRLOOM PET PRODUCTS combines the calming effects of water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp with the joint health benefits of bone broth. Available in Beef & Sweet Potato, it contains 90MG broad-spectrum hemp per pouch, plus collagen and L-tryptophan, and can be given up to twice a day to dogs and cats of all sizes. And it won’t take up precious freezer space in your store because it’s shelf stable until opened.


SPRINGER Travel Bottle

Pet-Perfect Water Bottle

With the SPRINGER Travel Bottle, dogs can easily hydrate on the go. It features an attached bowl on top that fills with a squeeze and drains back into the bottle upon release. Made from BPA-free plastic, it holds 22 or 44 fluid ounces and comes with a carabiner. Available in six colors.




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