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NILodor Expands Distribution in Canada

It has teamed up with Anipet Animal Supplies.




(PRESS RELEASE) NILodor Pet Brands has teamed up with Anipet Animal Supplies to distribute NILodor’s Tough Stuff and Mossy Oak Active Outdoor Dog product lines in Canada.

Anipet will offer odor control products for the home and pet formulated products with NILodor’s proprietary Odor Eliminating Technology. Products include odor and stain eliminator, grooming shampoos and sprays, Tap-A- Drop, cat litter additive, and rug and room deodorizers.

“It’s our commitment and priority to ensure the success of brick-and-mortar pet retailers. Our partnership with Anipet Animal Supplies helps achieve this goal in the Canadian Market”, said Jamie Thomas, national sales manager of NILodor. Anipet brings more than 30 years of experience providing superior pet products to independent pet specialty store, groomers and veterinary clinics.

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