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North Coast Seafoods Launches Fish-First Simply Naked Pet Food

They are now available for distributors and independent pet retailers across the USA.





(PRESS RELEASE) BOSTON, MA — North Coast Seafoods, a third-generation, family-owned American seafood company with over 65 years experience sourcing, processing, and delivering the freshest seafood to the finest restaurants and retailers in the country, launches Simply Naked Pet Foods, a fish-first line of dog and cat food available now to independent pet retailers and distributors across the U.S.

As today’s pet-parents seek better quality and transparency with what they feed their pets, Simply Naked is shaking up the category through its unwavering commitment to dog and cat recipes using fish as the sole protein (pun intended); the very same wild fish they harvest for human customers across the country.

Pound for pound, scoop for scoop, Simply Naked’s fish-first pet food recipes offer cats and dogs premium, highly-digestible recipes that offer a multitude of health benefits for brain, skin and coat, hip and joint, and so much more. Simply Naked Pet Food recipes are crafted using real fish, wild caught by trusted fishermen exclusively from MSC Certified Sustainable Fisheries.

Simply put, Simply Naked harvests their fish using traditional, natural, environmentally-responsible methods of catch that reward the highest quality fish possible and also preserve the health of that fish species for future generations.

“At North Coast Seafoods, we are not just dabbling in fish-based pet food. Fish is all we do and is what we have specialized in since 1957. Simply Naked Pet Food provides an excellent food solution for retailers looking to innovate and differentiate their pet food aisle with pure, holistic, and superior nutrition for cats and dogs,” states Jon Wooner, Pet Products director at North Coast Seafoods. “We also look forward to seeing existing customers and meeting new faces at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, and showcasing our incredible fish-first pet foods to retailers and distributors.”

Fish is not just one of many protein options; Fish is our forte and is the first two to five ingredients in every Simply Naked pet food recipe. We enthusiastically welcome distributors and retailers that embrace our commitment to premium quality, nutrition, and sustainability who are striving to better serve a generation of pet-parents looking to make a difference in the health of their pets and the environment.”


Functional health benefits of Simply Naked Pet Food recipes:

  • HIP & JOINT HEALTH: Wild Cod, Haddock, Alaskan Salmon and Acadian Redfish are all natural sources of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. Older cats with stiff or painful joints will benefit from their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • BRAIN & HEART HEALTH: Fish provides a lean source of protein and is naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which contain both EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which are essential to your cat’s nerve, brain, heart, and joint health.
  • GUT HEALTH: Similar to humans, the majority of a pet’s immunity is found in its digestive tract, so keeping it properly balanced with feline-friendly bacteria is a great way to regulate its digestion and improve overall health. Live microorganisms treat or prevent a variety of gastrointestinal issues.

Dive Into Simply Naked’s Pet Food Recipes (5):

  • Wild Acadian Redfish Dinner for Cats (4lb & 11lb Bags)
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Dinner for Cats (4lb & 11lb Bags)
  • Wild Haddock & Cod Dinner for Cats (4lb & 11lb Bags)
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Dinner for Dogs (4lb, 11lb & 24lb Bags)
  • Wild Select Seafood Dinner for Dogs (4lb, 11lb & 24lb Bags)

From boat to bowl, here is the Simply Naked Pet Food Difference:

    Seafood is naturally rich in protein, essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and muscle-building amino acids. All of our fish-first recipes will provide your pet a high protein diet to help them maintain lean muscle mass while offering them irresistible fresh flavor, bowl after bowl.
    Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and is also a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. But that’s not all! We give each of our highly-palatable recipes an extra boost of heart-healthy, inflammation-fighting fish oil, promoting optimal pet health from the inside out.
    We use only premium, human-grade fish that were destined for restaurants and grocery stores. There is nothing fishy about our fish so you can be confident that you’re feeding your pet the same delectable fish you love to eat!
    As part of our sustainability efforts, we are committed to the complete utilization of every fish harvested for Simply Naked Pet Food. Your pet benefits nutritionally from consuming the entire fish, which are properly cut and cooked before being used in our recipes.

Cats and dogs alike deserve the finest fish the ocean has to offer. To learn more about Simply Naked’s fish-based cat and dog food recipes and how it meets the health demands of our pet-loving customers, please visit or come see us at Global Pet Expo 2023. To learn about North Coast Seafoods, visit To order or learn more on how to become a distribution partner or retail customer, please email

About Simply Naked Pet Foods by North Coast Seafoods

North Coast Seafoods’ new Simply Naked Pet Foods are focused exclusively on fish. Since 1957, North Coast Seafoods has taken pride in sourcing, processing, and delivering the highest quality, sustainable seafood for the finest restaurants, premium retailers, universities, professional sports teams, and direct to consumers across the country. After over 6 decades of dedicated work, it’s safe to say we are more than familiar with the freshest fish. Now with the launch of Simply Naked Dog and Cat Foods and Boat To Bowl Cat Foods, pets can enjoy the same premium quality as their pet-parents. We’re not just dabbling in fish-based pet food. It’s not one of many protein options and it’s not an afterthought. Simply put, fish is our forte and it’s the first ingredient in every Simply Naked pet food recipe. Our wild caught fish can be found on dinner plates around the country and now it can be found in every pet’s bowl too. For more information, please visit




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