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Parkers Pet Provisions Has a New Name Following Acquisition of Complete Natural Nutrition




The firms wanted to eliminate confusion.

(Press Release) SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Parkers Pet Provisions, which acquired Complete Natural Nutrition earlier this year, announced a new name for the combined company: Presidio Natural Pet Co.

Complete Natural Nutrition has been a leader in natural pet treats since 2005 and is known for brands such as Pill Buddy Naturals, Off Leash, Cheese Please, Crunch Skins and Terräbone. Parkers Pet Provisions, based in San Francisco, has been focused on providing healthy treats and nutritional supplements to pets through brands such as Parkers Jerky, Cat Sushi and FetchFuel.

“In the short time that we have operated as a joint company, the Parkers-Complete Natural Nutrition family of brands has experienced strong support from our retail and distribution partners and we are excited to grow our independent pet brands,” said Andrew Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Presidio Natural Pet Co. “We wanted our combined family of brands to have their own identity, eliminating any confusion about who the parent company is and thus the reasoning behind our timely rebranding.”

Presidio, based in San Francisco, is dedicated to providing all-natural, high quality treats and nutritional supplements for pets.


“Presidio Natural Pet Co. offers an extensive line of pet treat and supplement products with a commitment to all-natural and high-quality ingredients,” said Spyq Sklar, Presidio co-founder and COO. “Customers are now able to find our industry leading, all-natural pill treats, soft and chewy trainers, grain-free functional dental bones, single ingredient dog and cat treats and more through Presidio Natural Pet Co. We’re so excited about the rapid growth of our company, but also the industry overall which is demanding the range of products we now provide.”

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