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Pawstruck Adds Monster Pig Ears to All-Natural Line of Dog Chews and Treats

Made of 100% natural pig ears.




Pawstruck Monster Pig Ears

(PRESS RELEASE) Pawstruck introduced Monster Pig Ears into itsgrowing line of natural dog chews and treats. Made of 100% natural pig ears, these single-ingredient dog treats are slowly baked and puffed up to add a light, airy texture with BOLD flavor and substantial crunch.

The treats are made of pure pork, with no artificial additives, preservatives, or flavors and are twice as big (by weight) and up to 4x as big by length/width as regular pig ears.

Pawstruck’s Monster Pig Ears are a healthy alternative to rawhide treats – all natural and easily digestible. The natural protein helps support healthy muscles and joints for active dogs and the crunchy texture helps remove plaque buildup supporting the dog’s dental health by gently cleaning teeth.

“Our Monster Pig Ears, like many of our treats, are single-ingredient, natural products. We don’t manufacture ingredients into your dog’s food that you can’t pronounce,” Pawstruck CEO Kyle Goguen said. “We want to make sure dog parents have a strong variety of healthy treats that are affordable. That’s why we started Pawstruck and we’re excited to add these latest pork chews to our product line.”

The Puffed Pig Ears are perfect for dogs of any size and are made in the USA according to the highest health and safety standards. Pawstruck also offers a variety of bully sticks, chews, treats, and bones, as well as a line of vitamins and wellness supplements and subscription boxes for customer convenience. For more information on the Monster Pig Ears and the full range of Pawstruck products, visit




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