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PetHub Launches Wellness Tools

It provides subscribers with 24/7 on-demand veterinary telehealth access.




(PRESS RELEASE) WENATCHEE, WA — PetHub, Inc., the premier service connecting pet parents with resources, tools, savings and a central hub to store key pet data, announced the launch of Wellness Tools powered by VetInsight. It provides subscribers with a suite of innovative features including 24/7 veterinary telehealth services, a comprehensive AI symptom checker, and a virtual food and treat finder that provides custom recommendations for pets.

“Our goal is to ensure pet parents have unlimited access to everything they need to best provide for their beloved cats and dogs,” said Lorien Clemens, co-founder and CEO of PetHub. “We understand the important role of veterinary telehealth in this digital age. These new tools allow us to provide pet parents with 24/7 access to valuable health and nutritional guidance from trustworthy experts. We are excited to further enhance the exclusive benefits offered to our valued members.”

The full range of benefits offered to subscribers through PetHub Wellness Tools include:

  • Veterinary Telehealth – Unlimited 24/7 access to advice from trustworthy veterinarians via multiple communication channels such as online chat, phone or email. Users will benefit from quick and convenient access to virtual consultations with skilled veterinary experts to discuss any new or ongoing concerns about pets. This is also an ideal option for pets who experience travel anxiety and stress with in-person health visits.
  • Symptom Checker – The on-demand, AI virtual vet is available 24/7 to search a pet’s symptoms. Users will receive recommendations for the next steps based on the information provided and learn if an in-person trip to the vet or a telehealth conversation is advised based on the urgency of the issue.
  • Food & Treat Finder Tool – This personalized tool provides results tailored to each pet’s physical and nutritional needs, including easily purchasing those recommended foods and treats.

PetHub Wellness Tools is available to all new and existing subscribers. Telehealth is also available to those without a PetHub ID tag. Starting today, pet parents can take advantage of a free 7-day trial before the annual subscription begins. For more information about pricing options and benefits, visit here.

About PetHub, Inc.

PetHub, Inc., was started in 2010 to combat the issue of low RTH (“return to home”) rates for lost animals. Its mission is to help keep every family’s pets happy, safe and HOME for the rest of their lives. Combining software with a physical ID tag allows anyone to help a lost animal get home quickly, often avoiding a trip to a vet or a shelter. 96% of PetHub recovered “pack members” are home again in under 24-hours, and before ever entering a shelter. PetHub’s award-winning platform has multiple software and hardware patents pending on its ID tags and Internet services. The company’s tags are now in over 1,000 communities in the United States as their pet license or rabies tag, and more than 1 million pets are now members of




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