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Radio Systems Corporation Announces Name Change to PetSafe Brands

Market leader in pet tech and innovation changes name, reflecting focus on brands and innovative products.




(PRESS RELEASE) KNOXVILLE, TN — With a 33-year history of helping people protect and care for their pets, Radio Systems Corporation is changing its name to PetSafe Brands. The name change celebrates its position as the world leader in pet supplies as the company has consistently outperformed the market year over year.

From their roots as a startup company selling pet fences in Knoxville, Tennessee, PetSafe Brands has grown with offices in Ireland, Australia, China, and Vietnam. The company has over 800 patents enabling them to sell one PetSafe Brands product every second to unleash the freedom of a happy, healthy, well-trained pet for families globally. PetSafe Brands is owned by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) and is a flagship company in their portfolio.

PetSafe Brands is a leader in the categories they compete in- pet fence and safety technology, pet waste, water and feed, training and more. The company prides itself on being a retail partner of choice by providing ground-breaking innovations in each category. Together, these strategies have led to record growth, consistently beating market averages year-over-year resulting in PetSafe Brand products becoming some of the most globally recognized pet products sold today.

PetSafe Brands CEO Rob Candelino says, “We are enormously proud of our 33-year history and the millions and millions of pets we have helped protect all over the world. With the rollout of our new ambitious Strategic Plan, our new company Purpose and our new company Values, we felt it was also the right time to update our corporate name to better reflect that we are home to some of the most influential brands in our industry” said Rob Candelino, CEO of PetSafe Brands. “But PetSafe Brands, to us, is much more than just a name change. It reflects a new energy in our company and a strong conviction that our unique combination of world-class technologies, a massive amount of IP, the best teammates in the business and our stable of beautiful, consumer-facing brands positions us incredibly well for another 33 years of growth and success” he added.

PetSafe Brands stands at the forefront of category innovation with groundbreaking advancements that redefine modern pet care. Their integration of AI into forthcoming products and innovations will usher in a new era of pet care and safety. Additionally, they revolutionized pet hydration with the invention of the first pumpless fountain, showcasing their commitment to convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, their development of a 100% all-natural, high-performance litter underscores their dedication to people who want a sustainable cat litter and fewer chemicals in their homes. From the many product innovations of PetSafe Brands, some of the newer technologies include:

  • Introducing the first pumpless fountain
  • Introduction of a 100% all-natural, high-performance cat litter
  • Introduced the world’s first E-collar with health alerts by SportDog
  • Introduced the world’s smallest Bark Collar
  • Introducing more cat households to the world’s most popular self-cleaning litter boxes through the ScoopFree line

PetSafe Brands CMO Molly Landman says, “Pets are some of the most important members of our families. So, we are doubling our efforts to reach new consumers to show them how our portfolio of PetSafe Brands keeps their pets happy, safe, and healthy. As the leader in the pet supplies category, our investment in the safest, most technologically advanced innovations, our strategic partnerships with retailers, and our commitment to driving growth through new marketing channels ensures more homes can have access to the best solutions for their pets.”

About PetSafe Brands

PetSafe is the largest manufacturer of hard pet goods for dogs and cats. Founded in 1991 as Radio Systems Corporation, PetSafe Brands has grown into a global corporation selling in over 52 countries. Our brands include Invisible Fence Brand, Kurgo, PetSafe SportDOG and Premier Pet. We are driven by innovation and technology to improve the lives of people, pets, and our communities. Our portfolio includes trusted and industry-leading electronic containment & training systems, waste management products, fountains, pet doors, automatic feeders and more. The PetSafe Brands corporate office is based in Knoxville, TN, with regional offices worldwide, and is owned by Clayton Dubilier & Rice, LLC.



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