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SitStayGo Partners With PRoud Rescuers of PR Through Give2Get Program




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – March 9th, 2018 – SitStayGo announces its new partnership with PRoud Rescuers of PR, Puerto Rico, through their Give2Get program. Best known for the versatile, all-in-one PET DINETTE & Leash, SitStayGo, so that pet owners have water, food and leash at their fingertips, the company also offers a growing variety of innovative products specially designed for the needs on both ends of the leash. In addition to creating happier lives for pet families, SitStayGo is passionate about giving back to the animal community, which is why the company is honored to team up with the PRoud Rescuers of PR organization.

For every SitStayGo purchase, a portion of each sale will be donated to the PRoud Rescuers of PR, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Huntington, NY. This animal advocacy organization is committed to rescuing displaced and abandoned dogs (aka “satos”) and cats (“gatos”) of Puerto Rico. The goal is to get them off the streets, provide them with quality healthcare and find them stable homes. At the heart of this growing group is also a tremendously important spaying/neutering initiative to curb needless suffering.

Started by 7 independent rescuers/women, serving 1 island, with countless animals in need of rescue, these private citizens have been committed to rescue most of their lives. After a perfect storm of tragedy hit the PR (an unprecedented financial crisis and Hurricanes Irma and Maria), the 7 united to make a bigger impact. Their efforts truly reflect the will of the good people of PR, helping to boost morale for an already battered and traumatized public. The last thing these people need is to contend homeless animals, unhealthy and unfed, everywhere they look. The PRoud Rescuers help run a transparent organization, so benefactors can be confident that the help they provide go directly to where it’s needed most.

Moreover, SitStayGo founder, Michelle Glasser, is a PRoud volunteer of this amazing, grassroots rescue organization comprised of local heroes on the island who spend their time and resources rescuing homeless animals. Michelle also adopted her beloved pooch, Snoopy, who was saved by one of these incredible PRoud rescuers, Jessica Perez. Without the swift and dedicated work of Jessica, who knows what would have happened to Snoopy.

“As a volunteer and adopter from PRoud, I have seen firsthand the tremendous devotion and compassion this organization puts into their work,” SitStayGo founder, Michelle Glasser expresses, “Everyday, they give animals a shot at life that might not otherwise be possible. The SitStayGo team is proud and excited to contribute to this admirable group that’s making a big difference in the animal world!” 

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