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Sky Wellness Sees Tremendous Interest in CBD Pet Care Despite Inconsistent State Regulations

It’s calling out for both state and federal regulatory bodies to come in agreement over the usage of CBD in consumer products.




(PRESS RELEASE) PHOENIX — Last month, Sky Wellness, the leading challenger brand in the CBD CPG industry, made its trade show debut of the D Oh Gee and EquineX brands at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. The show was presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) along with the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). At the premier trade event, the brand reports tremendous interest from national retailers looking to invest and grow in the CBD pet wellness market at all levels from single ecommerce marketplace to multi-chain brick-and-mortar outlets.

D Oh Gee designed for dogs, is a line of broad spectrum, USA grown and manufactured CBD pet products, holistically created for supportive, holistic care for both physical and mental well-being. The collection includes CBD Dog Oil Drops, CBD Daily Duck Bites, and CBD Daily Turkey Chewies. All products use simple and natural ingredients, 100% natural flavoring, are independently lab tested through 6 panels of tests, and are 100% THC free, unlike many of its competitors.

Designed for horses, EquineX CBD Horse Care features both broad spectrum and full spectrum products that are USA grown and manufactured, and always lab tested. These Equine CBD products are specially formulated for supportive, natural care for equines’ physical and mental well-being, and include CBD Horse Granules, CBD Horse Muscle & Joint Rub, and CBD Horse Bites.

Both collections were standouts at the tradeshow pointing to growth in the CBD pet care market despite concerns over Florida state regulations regarding the use and sale of CBD products. Though the production of hemp-derived CBD was legalized via the 2018 Farm Bill at the federal level, each state is still given the final say as to what is allowed within their borders, leading to uncertainty regarding what products can and cannot be sold across state lines.

To mitigate any uncertainty over the legalities of selling D Oh Gee and EquineX, the team at Sky Wellness offers brand guidance on a state-by-state basis (not to be confused with legal advice) as well as fully transparent testing results of all its products which are conducted by federally compliant third-party testing facilities. These results are available to both trade partners and directly to the consumer.

“The market is incredibly receptive to legitimate, tested CBD products like D Oh Gee and EquineX. Our objective has always been to work with regulators and important associations who recognize our transparency and cooperation as a means not only of reassuring consumers of product efficacy and safety but to also help reduce or eliminate uncertainties at the state and federal levels that have been a hindrance to progress in the market. Our products are specifically designed with our four-legged family members in mind using quality ingredients that are easy to pronounce and understand and that are safe for them to consume. Consumers who understand the therapeutic uses of CBD are also seeking to find similar benefits with their pets, and we need to demand they do so safely. The lack of a formal regulatory overview has allowed state regulation to convolute labeling and manufacturing guidelines for CBD products. The result is an uncertain marketplace,” said Brook Bacon, VP, Marketing & GM Animal Products at Sky Wellness.


As the brand continues to grow and support the interest of CBD from consumers and retailers alike, it is calling out for both state and federal regulatory bodies to come in agreement over the usage of CBD in consumer products. The market demands will only be satisfied once firm decisions are made across the board, about the consumption of CBD for the better of both people and their pets.

For additional information about D Oh Gee and EquineX along with laboratory testing results on every product, please visit



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