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Small Pet Select’s All Natural Floral Bedding Creates a New Experience for Rabbits

These products do not use harmful chemicals from artificial fragrances.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOUISVILLE, KY — These floral bedding options put scented bedding back on the table without the use of harmful chemicals from artificial fragrances. Floral Bedding can only be found at Small Pet Select. It has been created in three different varieties: Marigold, Rose, and Lavender. This is the best bedding for rabbits when you want a unique (naturally) scented option.

These products are created with premium white paper bedding infused with real flower petals and designed specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs:

  • Made with unbleached paper
  • Naturally scented
  • No additives, dyes, or irritants
  • 99% dust-free
  • Creates a comfortable nesting area for small pets
  • Absorbs urine with lasting odor control

Floral bedding creates a beautiful habitat while maintaining a high standard of safe and sustainable bedding for small pets.

Artificially scented bedding uses chemicals that a rabbit will breathe in every day. Over time this can cause harm to their sensitive respiratory system. When you’re looking for bedding with a little extra fun added to it, it needs to come naturally.

The best bedding for rabbits also checks the boxes for maximum efficiency and safety. Bedding plays a significant role in the overall health of a rabbit’s environment. Small Pet Select’s basic White Paper Bedding is a staple for many rabbit parents as well as its Brown Paper Bedding for those who want something 100% compostable.

“Pet parents want unique products to try with their pets. A lot of care is put into creating a habitat and it’s nice to provide variety while also keeping everything safe and natural” – Billy Gordon, Small Pet Select owner


Small Pet Select started supplying the small pet world with premium hand-packaged hay in 2012. They have since expanded to sell bedding, food, treats, toys, chews, and habitat accessories. Each product is created with the health of our pets (and our planet) as the top priority.



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