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Small Pet Select Offers Handmade Rabbit Treats Made With Hay and Fruit

Healthy Snackers get pets excited with new tastes and textures, while pet parents love the clean ingredients.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOUISVILLE, KY — Healthy Snackers get pets excited with new tastes and textures while pet parents love the clean ingredients.

These high-quality rabbit treats give parents peace of mind and a go-to treat when it’s time for foraging, bonding, or training.

Designed for rabbits and guinea pigs with:

  • Simple Ingredients
  • No sugar, no salt, no additives
  • 7 Different Flavors
  • No Chemicals or Binders
  • Small Batches (Handmade)

Many rabbit treats on the market don’t take into consideration the specific needs of our rabbits’ digestive systems. Just like humans, we have to be mindful of our small pets’ gut health. High-fiber treats made with hay create less deviation from their day-to-day diet. This creates less deviation from their usual gut bacteria!

Handmade In-House

Healthy Snackers are created in small batches in a kitchen run by Small Pet Select’s baker, Tammy, who has over 13 years of experience. This kitchen celebrates quality over quantity and prioritizes simple ingredients.


Healthy Snackers come in 7 flavors:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin
  • Pear Blueberry
  • Carrot Pineapple
  • Strawberry Rose
  • Apple Banana
  • Apple Pea Flake

Of course Timothy Hay should make up about 90% of every rabbit or guinea pigs diet, but when you’re looking for a treat that will add some variety, Healthy Snackers are an excellent option for clean, tasty eating.

“While we love to get our small pets excited, their health always comes first. Luckily, these treats do both!,” says Billy Gordon of Small Pet Select.

Healthy Snackers along with other natural treats and chews for rabbits can be found at

About Small Pet Select

Since 2012, Small Pet Select has been contributing premium hand-packaged hay to the small pet world. What started with a desire to take care of a loved guinea pig with the best hay has grown into a company-wide mission to provide the best hay, bedding, treats, toys, and habitat accessories.

This small, family-owned company is growing thanks to the many pet parents who want the best for their fur family.




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