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Snappy Tom Now Available Through Choice Pet Products

Choice adds the company’s wet cat food to its curated portfolio of premium brands offered to independent pet retailers.




(PRESS RELEASE) PALMETTO, FL — Choice Pet Products, a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products, announces its partnership with Snappy Tom, a manufacturer specializing in wet cat food that gives cats of all ages the nutrition they need with all-natural healthy ingredients. Choice Pet Products will add this new line to its curated portfolio of premium brands offered to independent pet retailers.

“With the growing demand of cat owners searching for high-protein food, we are thrilled to partner with Snappy Tom and offer our independent pet retailers a food with a taste kittens and adult cats find naturally delicious,” said Rob Emery, owner of Choice Pet Products. “We also know that many owners are equally as focused on buying foods with responsibly sourced ingredients, and the fish included in Snappy Tom products are collected through dolphin-safe practices and do not use tuna collected in fish aggregating devices,” said Emery.

About Snappy Tom

Putting your pet’s health before their bottom line is what they do at Snappy Tom Pet Supply. Since they process their products in their facilities and do not assign them to cheaper third-party processors, they can maintain strict quality control over everything they do. Snappy Tom processes its pet food in the same facilities as their human-grade food, making it approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their food contrasts with the old-fashioned “feed grade” kibble that can contain by-products, chemicals, fillers, and other ingredients defined as unfit for human consumption. They take pride in that distinction and believe it speaks to the quality and integrity of the products they put on the market.

“Our slogan, ‘Real Fish for Real Cats,’ fits the mission of Choice Pet Products in bringing Natural Grain Free wet cat food products to their region. We are very excited to add Choice Pet Products to our team of distributors in North America, ” said Robert Hernandez, National Sales Manager for North America. “Our brand meets the needs of cats in all life stages and the owners who look for simple ingredients. There is no need to get a dictionary to determine our ingredients. We feel Choice Pet Products is the perfect partner to distribute our products today and into the future,” said Hernandez.

About Choice Pet Products

Choice Pet Products is a distributor of high-quality pet brands and products headquartered in Palmetto, Florida. The Choice team has been committed to going the extra mile and providing our partners and retailers with unique products, essential industry education, and marketing since 2014. Visit for more on their diverse product lineup




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