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Solid Gold Pet Introduces New Cat Food Recipes, Enhances Packaging for Potato-Free Products




The new recipes roll out in June.

(Press Release) ST. LOUIS – Holistic pet food brand Solid Gold Pet is launching nine new cat food recipes, including a new Indoor Cat line and a new size of Green Cow wet dog food.

Additionally, today Solid Gold offers a variety of potato-free recipes for both dogs and cats. In 2017, the packaging for these products will call this feature out more prominently.

“At Solid Gold, we’re always looking for ways to build upon our 40-year tradition and expertise to provide best-in-class products and formulations designed to ensure an uncompromised level of holistic pet nutrition,” said Bob Rubin, CEO and president of Solid Gold Pet. “The launch of our new Indoor Cat dry food line and expansion of our fast growing wet cat product line reflects our dedication to provide high-quality, purposeful nutrition that is designed to unleash the very best in every pet.”

The new recipes, which will be available beginning in June, are:

  • Let’s Stay In: This new grain and gluten free dry cat food line is designed specifically for Indoor Cats and is available in two recipes: Chicken, Lentil and Apple; and Salmon, Lentil and Apple.
  • Tropical Blendz Patés: A new twist on the classic paté, this wet cat food line delivers high-quality proteins paired with nutrient-rich coconut oil and is offered in four flavors: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Salmon and Turkey.
  • Wet cat food flavor expansion: Building upon an existing line of successful wet cat foods with these new offerings: Flavorful Feast Chicken and Apple, grain and gluten free; and Holistic Delights Creamy Bisque with Coconut Milk in two new flavors: Turkey and Chicken Liver.

The Solid Gold portfolio of dog and cat foods currently includes 16 potato-free offerings. Newly enhanced packaging now highlights this product feature more prominently to help shoppers easily identify potato-free recipes.

“We understand that every dog and cat is unique and the food they need to thrive will vary,” said Leasa Greer, nutrition and regulatory affairs manager for Solid Gold Pet. “We strive to provide a wide variety of recipes to meet pets’ unique needs. If pet parents are looking for a food to help their pet with a sensitive digestive tract or if it has been recommended that they feed a potato-free diet, we want it to be easy for them to find these Solid Gold products on the shelves.”

Solid Gold’s potato-free products include the following dry dog food recipes: Fit and Fabulous, High Protein With Cold Water Salmon + Krill Meal, High Protein With Duck, Holistique Blendz, Hundchen Flocken, Hund-N-Flocken, Lil’ Boss, MMillennia, Star Chaser, Wee Bit, and Wolf Cub; and the following dry cat food recipes: Furrever Young, High Protein With Chicken, High Protein With Salmon, Katz-N-Flocken, and Touch of Heaven.

To make it easier for pet parents looking for Solid Gold Pet’s potato-free products, Solid Gold added potato-free labels to the front and bottom of these packages.

Solid Gold was recently awarded the top honor for package design innovation, receiving the Best in Show Package Design Award at the 2017 PAC Global Leadership Awards. The pet food company also received the “Gold” award for Brand Marketing – Brand Revitalization, Non-Food. The awards were based on enhancements made to its core line of products in 2016.




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