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Spuds MacKenzie Is Back, and He’s Selling Dog Treats

They’re made of hemp seed and hemp oil.




Spuds MacKenzie, who hawked Bud Light in the ’80s, is back — although he looks a little different than you might remember.

Shown here is Mark Thomann with the new Spuds MacKenzie, a rescue dog. Thomann is seeking to bring the Spuds name back to prominence.

He’s pushing (non-alcoholic) dog products, Ad Age reports.

Spuds Ventures LLC is selling dog treats made of hemp seed and hemp oil. CBD products are on the way.

This Spuds isn’t a bull terrier like the original. Rather, it’s a mixed puppy adopted by Mark Thomann, founder and CEO of Dormitus Brands, which looks for opportunities to bring back previously successful brands.

As part of a legal settlement with Anheuser-Busch, Thomann’s firm has the right to use the Spuds MacKenzie but not the original likeness.


Spuds MacKenzie pet products will be sold online, and Thomann anticipates having them available at retail stores early next year.

The Spuds website explains: “Our Spuds MacKenzie, who was adopted in 2019 from the Anti-Cruelty Society, is more focused on living a happy, long and healthy life.”

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