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State Cracks Down On Fake Service Animals with New Legislation




The governor signed it into law.

An updated law in Arizona prohibits misrepresenting pets as a service animal, and it brings fines of as much as $250 for people who violate it, The Republic reports.

The legislation became law this week with the signature of Gov. Doug Ducey.

There are questions, however, about whether the law can be effectively enforced.

Business proprietors can ask what the animal is for, but under federal law they can’t ask specifics about the disability. They also aren’t allowed to request proof that the animal is trained, The Republic reports. They are, however, permitted to ask a person to take an animal off the property if it is being unruly.


Some advocates for the disabled had argued that the new legislation was unnecessary and could prove harmful.

According to The Republic, April Reed of the group Ability360 said the law could put people with “hidden” disabilities such as epilepsy “in a position of defending themselves and having to potentially prove in court that they are a person with a disability and that they do have a service animal.”

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