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State to Consider Allowing Dogs in Breweries

The bill is about ‘allowing business owners to do what is best for their customers,’ according to its sponsor.




Dogs could be allowed inside breweries that have taprooms under legislation being proposed in North Carolina.

Rep. Jon Hardister of Guilford County is co-sponsoring the bill, The Associated Press reports.

The measure would alter the state’s health laws, permitting pets to enter tasting rooms. The final decision would be left to the brewery owner.

Pets are already allowed to enter wineries in North Carolina, according to The Associated Press.

The Greensboro News and Record quoted Hardister saying, “It should be up to taprooms to decide whether or not they want to allow pets inside their facility.”

He continued: “If a taproom serves drinks but does not prepare food, then they should not be subjected to the same standards as a restaurant.”


The bill centers on “promoting the free market,” Hardister said, and on “allowing business owners to do what is best for their customers.”



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