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Study Shows Next Generation of Shoppers Expect Seamless Tech

Consumers in the 2040s will also be big on personalization.




New research shows that shoppers in the 2040s will still prefer real-life shopping over virtual reality, but will crave more tech to elevate their shopping experience. Data compiled by global payments and shopping service Klarna included such findings as 81 percent of Gen Z’ers and Millennials expecting Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance in-store shopping, and 65 percent saying that more personalization will be key to their purchase decision.

Overall, the study asked respondents to forecast their shopping habits 18 years from now, when Gen Z’ers will turn 40 and together with Millennials be the dominant consumers. Results revealed their predictions on how emerging technologies will influence future shopping experiences, such as:

  • More personalization tops shoppers’ wish lists, with 65 percent want the shopping experience to become more personalized in the future, and 36 percent are sure it will be, both in-store and online.
  • Most fashion shoppers won’t try clothes on physically. Only half believe they will try clothes in the same way as today (53 percent). Instead, 48 percent want to use virtual dressing rooms, 28 percent AR, and 23% will rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advise which clothes best fit their body and fashion style.
  • Well-mannered robot fashion advisors and virtual personal shopping assistants are in high demand. More than half (59 percent) are open to the idea of a robot approaching them in-store to take their measurements and recommend styles, with an additional 18 percent considering it depending on how the robot looks and behaves. In addition, roughly a third want access to virtual “personal shoppers” which can provide recommendations based on their fashion style and taste when they shop online.

In addition to technological advancements, the future of the planet and the growth in the so-called circular economy are also at the forefront of consumers’ minds. That includes 52 percent wanting more sustainable fashion in the future and 57 percentwanting the circular economy to take a larger share of the total shopping industry. In addition, roughly one in three believe they will sell (26 percent) and buy (37 percent) used items more often.

“Retail and shopping trends have evolved significantly over the last decade and it’s clear there are more changes to come,” said Kate Hardcastl, a consumer expert who worked with Klarna on the research. “Technologies like augmented reality have the potential to transform rundown physical shops and revamp the in-store experience for shoppers. Klarna’s latest research shows that consumers want greater convenience and a more personalized shopping experience – and seamless technology must be at the heart of this.”

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