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SuperGravy Premieres National TV Campaign




(PRESS RELEASE) Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy line has achieved another first in the pet food topper category. The award-winning instant holistic pet gravy line is now the first pet food topper to be supported on TV with two national broadcast commercials. The new TV spots debuted at SuperZoo.

SuperGravy recently won the company’s 21st award for nutritional excellence and innovation, making Clear Conscience Pet the record holder for the most awards won by any company in the pet nutrition industry and SuperGravy the most awarded pet food topper.

The spots were written by Clear Conscience Pet Founder and Pet Industry Icon Award-Winner Anthony Bennie, and produced in-house by Clear Conscience Pet Media. Company Founders Anthony and Amanda Bennie speak directly to consumers in the spots, which also include testimonials and lots of dogs savoring the healthy taste of SuperGravy.

The canine star of the spots is Bo, a world-record holder in several dog dock dog diving sports. Bo’s “mom,” trainer/coach Crystal McClaran, endorses SuperGravy in the video. Bo is shown making a vertical leap and is even captured with underwater cameras as he splashes into the dock diving pool.

“We were incredibly excited to debut our new TV spots at SuperZoo,” said Clear Conscience Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer Anthony Bennie. “SuperGravy delivers so many great benefits to dogs and dog parents, and these spots tell the story powerfully and in an entertaining fashion.” 


SuperZoo was also the launch point for new in-store marketing tools that include the AS SEEN ON TV icon including full color digital clipstrips, shelf talkers, and a freestanding floor display. “These new in-store display materials are a great tool for retailers to educate consumers about the many benefits of SuperGravy and will catch the interest of consumers eager to try as seen on TV products ,” said Amanda Malone Bennie, the company’s co-founder and 2017 PET AGE “Women of Influence in the Pet Industry” award-winner.

The SuperGravy line includes three holistically balanced formulas recipes of instant dry holistic pet food topper gravy and broth mixes: Arfredo creamy white, Barkinara zesty red, and Paw Jus savory brown. With ten awards, SuperGravy is the most awarded pet food topper in the industry and the only line of holistically balanced dry gravy and broth mixes.

All three SuperGravy varieties are made with nutrient-rich superfoods including chia seeds, sea kelp, and air-dried vegetables. For improved digestion and gut health, all formulas are also supplemented with probiotics and digestive enzymes. SuperGravy as well as all Clear Conscience treats and chews are grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and never irradiated. The Clear Conscience Pet “clean label pledge” promises only whole food ingredients that are Pure, Pronounceable, and Purposeful.



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